And the journey begins

Her name is Lynnix and she is fearless. She loves art. She is independent. Her motor skills are off the charts. She is always up for an adventure. Tenacious. Eyes full of life. Ringlets of curls covering her head like a halo. Beautiful. That being said she is a real person with struggles: sleeping (her … Continue reading And the journey begins

To wander or to wonder

Wandering for whatever reason makes me feel free. My mind is clear. My thoughts unhindered. There is a beauty in the moving toward the horizon. Living in the moment. Embracing the moments. Time isn't an issue when you abide in the 'now'. But wondering? Wondering is exhausting to me. My mind gets logistical. My thoughts … Continue reading To wander or to wonder

Blind Journey

I am an A-type personality so just writing BLIND JOURNEY got my heart a racin'. Blind. Alone. No itinerary. No reservations. No GPS or my preferred old school atlas. How would you do that? How do you estimate cost? How do you keep from throwing all your friends and family members into a panic where … Continue reading Blind Journey

A Silent Night

As we prepare for Ireland and Mardi Gras Mission Trips next year our teams are being requested to taking on an assignment in preparation for our journey. That assignment.. to make sure that in all the busyness and beauty of the seasonĀ  we are intentional about bringing our hearts and minds into the stillness. The … Continue reading A Silent Night

Calling up… Clarences

The past 2 years God has led me on some incredible journeys across the paths of people from all over the world. Keshav - Asia. Angela, Chance and Shannon - Mississippi. Susan - Alabama. Caleb - Kentucky. Mary & Tom - Ireland. Sebastian & July - France. Patrice - Oregon. Ken - DC. Jon - … Continue reading Calling up… Clarences

How do you do lonely…

Everybody feels it at sometime or another. You can feel alone in a crowd, with friends, with family It is one thing to chose to enjoy some quiet, alone time... it is another thing all together when it comes from feeling separated. I've felt it in each of the situations above. I did not always … Continue reading How do you do lonely…

Sleeping on the beach in the Pacific Northwest

Lenny and I had speculated for years about bringing young adults to Gold Beach, Oregon and roughing it. No hotel rooms. No hot tubs. No kitchenette. No camper for backup. Just blankets. Pillows. Layers of clothes and a fire. We showed up in the short bus in late September, about 12 of us thinking we … Continue reading Sleeping on the beach in the Pacific Northwest