How do you do lonely…

Everybody feels it at sometime or another. You can feel alone in a crowd, with friends, with family It is one thing to chose to enjoy some quiet, alone time... it is another thing all together when it comes from feeling separated. I've felt it in each of the situations above. I did not always … Continue reading How do you do lonely…

Sleeping on the beach in the Pacific Northwest

Lenny and I had speculated for years about bringing young adults to Gold Beach, Oregon and roughing it. No hotel rooms. No hot tubs. No kitchenette. No camper for backup. Just blankets. Pillows. Layers of clothes and a fire. We showed up in the short bus in late September, about 12 of us thinking we … Continue reading Sleeping on the beach in the Pacific Northwest


Imagine with me... you have stepped back centuries and are walking upon the Irish ocean shoreline. The wind is lifting and pulling your hair, the smell of salt water hangs in the air. The white crests of the in coming waves slap on the shoreline before you and occasionally catch up and playfully tag your … Continue reading Identified

Give Me Your Hand

There are so many beautiful people God has weaved into our lives. At one time or another however each was broken... including you, including me. Maybe it was decades or years ago. Then again maybe it is happening to you today. Poor choices made. Bad habits formed. Promises trampled. Homes torn. Whether you were the … Continue reading Give Me Your Hand