Okay sometime’s journeys end up looking quite different than you thought they would. Yuppp and today would be one of those days. Granny,  messed up.

So we’re at Silver Dollar City. We came to play, ride and have some quality Granny time! Woohoo! But there’s a problem – half of the Midwest had the same idea!!!

Good thing my niece Morgan is here to hang with Cade AND I can count to three (Leni, Madie, Holden)… One, two, three…over and over and OVER again. Mercy!! So my advice is NEVER go to an attraction area on discount Thursday during Spring Break!!! CROWDED!!!

However since we are here let’s lower our expectations and create a plan B :0)

The problem is I have high expectations… It’s just me. As a kid, youth, bride, wife, mom. Etc., I always had a ideal plan. Usually a good thing (I think) if I remain flexible. Now here I am in Granny mode trying to do it again.

SOOoooo what about you? What are your expectations/plans? It’s okay to have them but the flex is a must.

The scriptures say  “A man’s heart plans his way (done that) but God directs his steps (flex). ”

If God changes your plans will you flex and shift gears or try to make it happen? Press it and you may just find the devil crowding you out and the day (people and opportunities) lost?

I’d love to hear your comments. What plans do you have that you’d PREFER God didn’t ask you to flex? You should know. God does and soooo does our adversary.

4 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. Sherry, I just found this.
    I love reading Everything you right.
    I am not much of a reader but drawn to your Love ❤️
    You have my prayers. I miss Bro Lenny. So Blessed to know y’all and have Wonderful Memories with you two❤️❤️
    God Bless You Sweet Beautiful Women if God.
    I love you ❤️


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