Embracing the unexpected

I have never met anyone who said my life turned out exactly as I planned when I was a teenager. Nope! No one says that.

Rarely do we marry the person we thought we would marry. Yet often those that said I’m leaving this town and never coming back… well they show up in five years because they miss the place they grew up calling home. The dream job you prepped for in college yeah – NO. The job you end up with is not that perfect, overpaying, high profile slack job. My nine kids turned into two and I did not end up in Montana.

Life doesn’t happen like you have it laid out in your head at 20. Or 30. Or 40. However eventually you realize it’s the best use of time to plan less and pray more. You see when you spend time with the Lord you are best prepared for whatever life unfolds on your journey.

My husband and I use to jokingly fuss about retirement. I said, ‘I just don’t want to be moving around anymore.’ He would smile and respond, ‘Well Babe, you have a problem because I can’t see me ever retiring.’ Ughgh since he is a pastor and his boss is God then that meant I was bound to lose that argument.

But I won that argument when I lost my husband in an accident last May. And with that loss came waves of shattered hopes and dreams for OUR journey.

So what do you do when it all comes undone?

I grabbed hold of the One who had laid hold of me. Overwhelmed. Weeping. Confused. Broken. I lay in a paralyzed heap. Frozen. Yet seen and held. And as the hours wore on I embraced Him. I leaned into Him. I trusted Him.

It’s been almost a year. One hour we are on a camping getaway playing hand and foot (cards) and the next he has gone.

There are limited options to how to respond to life’s big, unexpected detours. You can fight for ‘your plan’ and try turning back to seek out alternate routes (it won’t work but must of us will spend alot of our journey attempting it) OR releasing your plan you embrace what is. And in doing so you embrace His.

You know I find that submission isn’t an ugly word especially when the One I am submitting to loves me so much He willingly gave His life for me… For you.

But before I submitted I asked. Last May before they even found his body… I was asking and pleading for another plan.

Jesus asked. In the garden, ‘…if there is another way then let this cup pass from Me…’

You may be there now with things right in front of you that don’t match your dreams… That break your heart.

Cry and pray. Cry hard and pray harder. Regardless of how it unfolds you will need more strength, grace and wisdom than you possess on your own.

Submit to the journey before you. Embrace the One who won’t leave your side as the road narrows up ahead. God’s got you. Even now. Even here. Even if it’s not what you expected.

4 thoughts on “Embracing the unexpected

  1. I met you and Kenny in 2002 after a terrible auto accident. Wanda traister was my mom’s best friend. Mom went home to THE LORD sherry December of 2016…i returned GBC last year and was told of Lenny’s passing. It shook me to the core. I loved him and you and prayed often for your affliction as my brain injury brought much pain and confusion and my heart wept for your head injury. I have thought about how you are doing and this post brought tears. words of consolation seem empty and trite. THE LORD GOD has gradually restored me physically and mentally though at 63 things are more difficult. i am thankful and praying for HIS comfort and peace for you and your family/friends. I know many here miss and love you as well. GOD BLESS YOU and thank you for sharing your thoughts…don orbea


    1. Thank you for your prayers. Lenny and I were a team, best friends and blessed by the people God graced our paths with. Was your mother Jackie? And in regards to your brain trauma did they treat you or did yours ease in time? Mine is currently compromised and I’m so tired of all the limitations. It’s been almost four weeks this time and I just can’t find my reset button. This is when Lenny would load up the camper and we’d take off camping. With no input, phones, TVs calendars etc… Just chilling. Now I wait for everything to loosen back up and pray as the old things aren’t working currently. Anyway I’m glad you’re better. And thank you for the encouragement.


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