This last week I have watched and listened to people I love as they wrestle with the fear of the storm that lingers on the horizon threatening their journey. Ushering in fear and turmoil of body and mind, they face a challenge: take cover and wait or press on.

Now I’m hungry for heaven so my instinct is to press on and through it. Keep a-moving. Meet it head on. The storm becomes an opportunity to walk on water and test what I say it believe. Sounds brave or stupid huh?

But I have other friends who are prone to seek cover when storms come, not wanting to experience it’s full fury or be it’s victim. The storm becomes a time of stillness, waiting and rest for them as they abide in God presence. Sounds easier and less stressful… Hmmmm.

So what do we do on this journey when challenged with the weight of hurt, injustice and loss? Which is best?

What would you say if I suggested we do what my young friend, Andria’s, horse does with her??

I pulled in last Sunday night to find her working her horse. O she was proud! ‘Granny, watch this.’ So I did. She walked away and the horse followed her. She stopped and he stopped. She paid no attention to the traffic that raced past them and so neither did he. She ran and it ran. It was beautiful to watch the friendship that was evident in this unlikely pair. And then I thought, ‘That should be how I pursue God. Stopping. Going. Running. Whatever He says. Whatever He is doing. Undistracted by things He chooses to ignore… Including my storms.’

It doesn’t mean I don’t see or feel them. It doesn’t mean I’m not afraid… It just means I am completely trusting the One running before me.

The truth is Andria intentionally set out to build a relationship with her horse because he was so skittish around the roads… his response was unpredictable and dangerous. So, in love she began nurturing a kinship and trust. Loving on him. Giving him treats for responding in healthy ways to his fears.

God does that with His children. He is intentional. He sent us an example and then a Helper to lead us and reveal the Way. So that we might know when to run. Stop. Walk. Go. AND that we might be able to accomplish it without fear, in spite of the storms. Encouraging us with blessings for responding in obedience.

So on our journey when we are facing eminent storms our best response as to what we should do is that we would be wise enough to stay on the heels and in hot pursuit of God’s heart and purposes.

If He stops, stop. If He’s pressing through then so are we. If He takes off running don’t waste time looking back, trust Him and do the same. Period.

The only other thing I should add is watch for others along the Way who are also encountering storms.

In the Word we are told we must bear our own burdens AND we are also told to extend ourselves, in love, to the brethren traveling this journey with us.

So as we pilgrims travel forward to our final destination, may we find grace in the midst of the storms and embrace God’s lead…

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