What is quiet time?

Bible Study.

Scripture Reflection & meditation.



The answer is ALL of the above. It can and will be any and all of these. Oh you could forfeit one but that’s going to leave you feeling like you had a Thanksgiving meal without one of the integral componenets of the feast.

So… stop. I know integral is the right word but can’t remember its exact meaning so let’s back up. Here we go INTEGRAL (adj) – 1. necessary to make a whole complete…

So missing out on any part is like a Thanksgiving dinner without a turkey… dressing… dessert!!! That’s like a wedding without a bride. That is like trying to be born-again apart from a surrender to Christ. In order for any of these to be experienced all parts must be accounted for in some measure.

Growing up it seemed that Bible reading and study was what I was encouraged to do by my church mentors and prayer was encouraged by my mom.

When I started going to church camp worship came into play but wayyyy back then we didn’t have K-Love or FISH to turn to daily. So 10 days a year and whatever I sang while mowing or walking in the woods behind our house.

Reflection and meditation are places God led me to as a youth but I didn’t recognize as integral parts of my faith-journey until I was a a wife and mother… years later.

All of them have a place in the heart of the believer. They all are encompassed in the ‘be still and know’. Together they fuse the soul, heart and mind of God’s children and strengthen us to be – to reflect Him.

Know Him.

Understand who He is and who we are in Him.

Give Him praise, thanks and seek Him in all seasons.

Lift Him in song and be stirred to remembrance, encouraged.

Yeah… what part would you skip? None. Wanting all of Him to fill all of me… None. If I would be His witness and display His glory. None.


Is there any arena you wish you could/should spend more time in?

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