Continued: Text… Lenny

June 14, 2017 2:34 p.m.

Rejoicing that you are home! I know they were as glad to see you arrive as we are sad to not have you here with us. But because I love you I will not be upset, (this time vs coming home from Okinawa) that you beat me back home. ;0) I’m right behind you babe!

You know sometimes people aren’t in a hurry to get home. If you have ever had a full day at work and you just need that 15 minute drive to last a bit longer so you can decompress… you slow down.

When there is a storm brewing because you took off angry and you are pulling back in to finish walking through it… you pray. (Okay, if you are thinking correctly you pray :0)

And finally, rarely do we arrive at our vacation destination and say, ” This is nice let’s get home. I’m ready to go back to school or work.”

Nope! In those situations we are either running from something, fighting through something or living out some expectation that will probably not be anywhere close to as wonderful as your 10 months worth of dreams were.

But heaven… we really can’t imagine.

It’ll be more than gates, rivers and streams. More than streets of gold and mansions. It’s God. It’s the ‘In The Beginning’ perfected for God’s presence! It is eternity. It is where God will make all things new and remove sin, pain and tears!

It will be more than we can imagine. We will abide in God’s presence… not just filled with His Spirit but living in the midst of His glory. Serving, worshiping, living and even walking in the cool of the day with HIM! Wow!

I don’t try to dream up my best thoughts about it, but boy I sooooo look forward to arriving there and gathering with “His Holy family” for our eternal, “Holy life” as our daughter use to say when she was eight. LOL

You know in 1984 Lenny and I were heading back from Okinawa. Newlyweds of less than a year, I hated, H A T E D being separated. (Actually we both did but men don’t admit things like that until they get too old to care what it sounds like… like when they are 30 no make that 50 LOL)

Anyway I ended up leaving early with almost no notice (common military protocol) and headed to California to be detached and discharged.

I left and ‘the plan’ was that he would catch up with me there. BUT by the time he should have been catching up he had decided to alter his own plan and head on home to Arkansas!

No way!! He didn’t, did he?

Right??? But yuppp he did. Initially while I had waited I had cried and found I had no desire to eat. So when he said he was flying on home and saving some money (the things grown-ups say ughhh) I just didn’t get better. In 12 days I lost 15 pounds!

I wasn’t doing it to make a point, I just completely in love and felt so alone and lost and had NO appetite.

Love does that to you. When two become one it naturally starts entwining two hearts together until their strength is forged and found in each other. It is Beautiful! But it doesn’t generally get that far in 1 year. Nope! At least not for us because that boy wasn’t thinking about me (because believe it or not I was sooo shy back in the day.) Be was thinking about saving a dollar and how exciting it would be to see his family again. And he smoooooth left me hanging.

(Don’t worry I forgave him… eventually :o)

However, when Lenny got an express pass out of here last May. We were forged. 33 years of marriage. And when he left without me, once again, I wept and couldn’t eat. I was jealous because once again he got to arrive home before me and I was left behind. I was angry because he had said we would die together (probably referring to my driving LOL) and he lied. I felt abandoned and torn asunder. I was sick to my stomach. I was still here. I had no desire to do life alone.

Yet he was home. In the place that all of those who have ‘tasted and seen that the Lord is good’ long for. That was our reality. And I prayerfully and painfully received it.

I didn’t need to know what it look like, no more than I have to be told what my life tomorrow looks like. I just trusted who I knew even as I prayed for the quick call up and out of here myself.

Yet as I wait there are things I want to ensure are accomplished before I exit:

I hope I haven’t left words unsaid or things undone.

I pray I let go of all that held me captive here in order to grab hold of EVERYTHING God has planned for me – here and for eternity!!

You know you won’t need your cell phone for keeping touch and keeping track of time and emails and honey-do texts there or here when there gone but by habit I sent Lenny a text later that night when I saw I needed something from town.

8:13 p.m.

Hey babe, I need carpet tape please.

Ain’t that silly. He isn’t bringing it home on his way back from a hospital visit. Nope! And he had NO need for that where he is. :0) He has arrived… Home. And I… I am two shakes of a lambs tail behind… I can’t wait to fall before my God, weep before my Savior and serve once again beside my husband.

Follow the link below to catch a glimpse into our lives and “our Holy Life” Warning: you might need a redneck translator. We might sound country… oooo that would be because we are and I still am.

Meet our children. Skyye and Curtiss (betcha I get calls from them when this releases LOL)

Pardon the camera as it takes a bit to focus and seems to move alot. They only weighed like 50 pounds when they first came out! They were huge! Thankfully we won’t need those on the other side either! :0)

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