Timing and Plans

The Bible says, ‘a man’s heart plans his way.” and Lord knows we do. He also knows we can get pretty frustrated when our plans fail or get alterred. So when there was a publisher error I had to wrestle with my flesh a wee bit as it was now looking like it was going to stack up on a month that was already going to be a bit emotional for me… okay it April and it’s already hard walking toward May.

Anyways, this morning as I was preparing my Sunday School lesson on “Being at your ‘wits end'” the Lord just said there were things I had absolutely NO control over so I should start off in prayer by surrendering them ALL to Him and then put my hands and heart towards something I could do with Him today. We sometimes go on picnics and long scenic drives. We go the cemetery with my blanket and Bible and I weep and pray and read and spend the final moments asking Him WHY today isn’t a good day for Him to raise the dead and His bride? (He knows I’m going to grab hold of Lenny when he burst from the ground and catch an early flight :o) I go on adventures with God – and if you don’t you should.

Back to my story SOOOOoooo what can we do today? I would like my trailer done because then I can run away with God to write and sing and wait on Him, like Lenny & I use to do with Him. So with my trailer in the yard and a gallon of paint in the car I decided it was a beautiful day for a paint party. God is probably the only person I could have invited that wouldn’t obsess about my poor painting skills so we made a great team. I’ll admit however that I did try to call in backup when my neck started getting locked and popping but we got her done!

Which is awesome but not the best part of our day because somewhere in those hours I got a call from my publisher – ON A SATURDAY – so it had to be God. And if I had any doubts about if He had pulled strings, they went out the window when the young man on the phone said, ‘You are ready to go. I’m sending you the link.’ WHAT??? I was just told Thursday it would be 2-3 weeks! My brain completely shut-up which never happens.

If you had been there you would have see me leaning stunned against the trailer and if you had on heaven eyeware I’m sure you’d have seen Jesus and Lenny giving each other a high five for surprising me and God smiling – His plan came together just as He intended.  “For a man’s heart plans his way but God directs His steps.” And all I can say is AMEN!

Go to the tab marked Once and Again if you’d like to begin the journey with us. I will be starting a Bible Study blog off the book on my birthday, May 18th. 

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