Trailer prep

So here we go! Working on tiny house while we all wait for our books to arrive (except Jill LOL)

I spent the last month or so inventing my gypsy getaway (AKA Dry Camper) from what is in reality a 14 ft box cargo trailer. The last 2 days were all about cabinets and counters. Now you may not think it matters much but I want an oasis to tuck away at the in-laws or up by the water where I can write and pray AND turn off the phone which keeps me from doing either. Squirrel!! Yupppp, you can’t get much done with distractions OKAY I can’t get much done with distractions.

SO here have been the steps thus far…

Step 1: RV or cargo trailer remodel?

I choose a cargo trailer for several reasons.

One: Lenny’s truck is aging and about ready to turn over to 200,000 miles and I know whenever he did his trailer hunting the weight was always a BIG deal. My trailer initially was 1,200 pounds and Lenny didn’t like to get over 3,000 so even loaded I should be good and show up at camp with the front and back of his truck still together.

Two: I needed something all electric that had little to no maintenance required. So out goes the rubberized roof and window patching when stuff dries out. And out goes the water and plumbing with its winterization, set up and pack up details. And in comes the 4 jacks welded on the corners. My neck simply shouldn’t turn certain directions. I can do it and then go home because I’m going to be having to head home and see Tim (my chiro) rather than meeting up with Jesus and writing. Can’t do it. They are gone. Also add an electric hitch thingy and canopy and insulate it all the way around. Done. Done. Done. In all honesty Lenny & I loved our campers, if he was here we’d still have a camper but he is home currently and I am here and since I can’t do it by myself and I am to independent, AKA stubborn, to constantly ask for help and notify my world every time I need to slip away… this is my solution. So insulate it and put in lighting and a battery and the right breaker/cord for a campground. Done.

Step 2: How large do I you need it? Size.

I went 7 x 14 with a 6’6″ ceiling because I needed room to be comfortable writing and am 6 foot.

I was told a duel axle is easier to pull, turn and back so they started at 14 foot, so 14 foot it is. I am going to need a bit of my memory stirred because it’s been 33 years since I pulled anything. Lenny NEVER let me pull our camp trailers. At 18 the Marine Corps gave me a 5 ton, filled with Marines, and had me hauling a trailer of cargo but NOT my husband :o). Actually, I didn’t actually fuss about it too much as I also never had to change a flat after I got married… except for the Corps.

So I took the 7 x 14 so I’d be comfortable for extended lengths of time when I was writing as I usually write in 10-20 hour stretches. This would be about the size of a cruise room without the bath. Perfect.

Step 3: Place your order.

After researching the differences I went with a Doolittle and surprise who is my agent but little Miss Jennie Lynn Horton (Okay, she’s married know but I knew her just as cleared into double digits and watched her grow in the youth ministry wayyyyy back before she was married with a girl as sassy, I believe, as herself LOL. Love ya Jennie!

Step 4: Order the extras: look for great deals online.

Full size mattress and bedding. TV with built in DVD, AC/Heat, dorm size fridge and a little microwave. Check.

I did make a mistake. I should have ordered the AC/heat unit installed as anything added later is not insurable. Oops. Also remember what state you are in when you go to the DMV. I thought I was paying for tags like last time. Problem for me – last time I was in Oregon. A hundred dollar bill wasn’t going to get it today because in almost every other state in our union you get to pay taxes when you go to get your tags and every preceding year as long as you have it. Ouch! I was missing more than the mountains, beaches and people in Oregon today.

Step 4: Pick it up, bring it home and start designing.

Look at what you have got. Consider the feel you are going for: cottage, beach, industrial, rough and ready and get ready to bring it all together. I am going for uhmmmm… the ‘Sherry’ feel. Some beach (picture and decor), old world charm (chenille bedding) with a light, earthy feel Lighting, flooring and decor).

I got a paint /primer duo in a light beige, like my home, so it matches pretty much anything and I covered the ceiling and the walls that would show. Then it’s on to flooring and cabinetry. Since it is a small space I picked out a light wood-look vinyl with some gray and brown hues and a bit of beige. I like rich, substantial stuff but opted for lighter cabinets that look gray or a softer brown depending on the light.

I like everything to have a place and be in it so here’s hoping Lowe’s can bring to life what I have in my head. It’s old age I think. I hate struggling to remember where I put something BESIDES where it should have been placed!!


Here’s to finding answers! I bet they tell me it will be at least three weeks. It seems to be everyones go-to answer on each step of this journey. It doesn’t matter to me. God is in charge of time in the life of the believer and non-believer. He knows my heart and last hour. The best I can do is not let my projects and labors consume me, we can’t let them consume us or we might just miss a golden opportunity to make a friend, extend hope to a heart, help a neighbor or share Christ.

Soooo since my Father doesn’t get in a rush, or get all up in a dither, I am making every attempt to cool my jets and let it unfold as it comes. I’m ready for my eternal home more than this tiny house so it all goes to walking through life here in Him as we wait for the door to swing open and usher us up. I figure I might as well get use to waiting for what I ultimately have no control over – fussing ain’t going to make it happen any sooner. But a smile and coutesy might work wonders.

However it does take me eight months to get a book through editing and out (published) and I had hoped to get Book Two done by December so I am going to be needing some space asap for rewrites and extensions. I am just 100 hours in with 200 left… I think I may be slow but don’t disillusion me from what I assume is normal :o)




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