Why write the book?

It’s been years since I felt called to write our story. It seemed as we counseled and discipled people that we were so often going back to our story and past experiences with life (before and after Christ, before and after marriage) to encourage people in their journey and struggles. Anybody with a testimony could and can do the same but Lenny & I were maybe wired a little different; early in our ministry it became evident that to help youth, adults, couples and families it was often easiest to use our story to display the grace, strength and faith they needed to carry on in their current circumstance.

We didn’t just share everything but as the Spirit led we were willing to share pretty much anything. God had walked us over some tough stuff soooo what good would it do if as we tried to minister we were just constantly alluding to help without bearing witness of God’s faithfulness often carried out in spite of our unfaithfulness.

This world won’t be changed by our story BUT if a life is encouraged, if a light breaks through the darkness that holds it captive, if a heart is set free or a marriage given a new breathe of life it will fulfill what God spoke to me when He said, ‘Write the book.’

Once and Again will walk you through 1983. By the end of that you’ll know me.

This Man of Mine will carry you through 1993. By the end of that you’ll know us.

The next book will cover our journey from 1994 and into the season I am now in currently.

And after each of them I hope you see God’s hand and faithfulness not only in our day to day lives but also I pray you see it more clearly in your own. God loves you. He does not change. He has never been absent. He has never lacked power. He has always been with us, waiting for us to move toward Him close enough that we can look back and see His presence in our past. That’s what I pray you gain from Once and Again.

Once and Again can be purchased at Amazon or through Archway the links are below:





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