Camping anyway

Okay so the floor, air conditioning & heat nor cabinets are in but I am!

I spent my first night tucked away in my little nest at the river. The neighbors were probably filled with questions because that is what seniors do who have been camping all week… evaluate and make assumptions about their incoming neighbors. LOL

So here I am pulling in with some lil’ chic in a red, shiny new car following me in (my sister-in-law, Sherry) and then all you see are boxes coming out. The older couples who kept walking their dogs by were simply curious HOWEVER I am pretty sure the older men in the site behind me were amused at difficult we were making some of the stuff look.  :o) Then here comes a blacked-out, dark gray SUV with another much taller chic (that would be my niece, Ariel who was already tent camping there with her two toddler boys.) Cries from the car would notify our neighbors that we had brought children into the equation. On we go… coming in and out of the trailer – toting stuff and occasionally sticking our heads out to toss stuff into the box we have decided we would use as our trash barrel.

A little over an hour later we are sweaty but done. So Sherry Teresa and I head off for a late lunch at Mack’s Fish House. The fish is really good but the brown beans, pickled tomatoes and hush-puppies are BEAUTIFUL!!! Then it’s back to Searcy and church and then back up to camp for the night. I made it right at dusk and took a little walk and had a little cry (as it is almost May 5th). Then I unloaded the few things I had grabbed at the house as the river valley grew dark.

Five minutes after I get into the camper, here pulls the blacked out SUV again followed by two other dark colored SUV’s. Ariel is the only one who exits. Everyone else remains in their ride with their engines running and lights on as she hands me a package (the Christmas lights  I’d loaned her to stretch across the campground so she could see at night and the clickers so she could turn them off from her bed :o) then off they go and nodding to my neighbors who are sitting around their campfire I slide inside for some quiet time, a Dr Pepper and a couple of bites of the carrot cake we had picked up at Macks (yum-yum).

Now soon enough the camper will not have temporary stuff from my house but be fixed up with cabinets and a bed up off the floor… everything stationary… but for now it is perfect. And I am so thankful…

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