Errors, Edits and Do-overs

If I could there are soooo many things I would love a chance to erase and re-do. That goes with all of our lives. We don’t always get it right. We don’t always have it come together like we planned. We overestimate our wisdom. We trust our strengths. We get in hurries and make mistakes.

Usually we write our stories out moment by moment in ink -with no chance to alter what was said and done.

After Lenny went home I’ve thought of a dozen things I’d have done different in the 48 hours before that night when we had no goodbye.

In my weakest hours Satan taunts me with it and I have to battle my ongoing pain, loss and tears while doing battle with the adversary who would shadow and lead me to question my faith and God’s plans.

My error. You always think you’ll have tomorrow to do or say a thing and sometimes you don’t. I’ll need to keep my heart fixed on the Father to make sure I don’t get set back by the father of lies.

But even with smaller things like my trailer, I find I somehow missed something in the process. They took a few shortcuts with my gypsy hut, or maybe I wasn’t specific enough, so I am WAITING for a finished end that I had thought I would be EXPERIENCING last week.

My error. I’ll need patience, more monies and more time. Watch out when taking shortcuts. Don’t expect people to read your mind.

And the book, just like this part of this post, ughhh!!! Apparently I don’t understand what some of these PC functions are and do, because this area has gone blue on me and I haven’t hit any different buttons LOL. Sorry about that.

And I really messed up understanding the editing process with my first book because me a red pen are fixing to have us a field day!

It would actually have been better to have just banked on friends who are grammar, or reading, fanatics because I found more errors in the published book than in my original copy!!

That being said I read it the first time with a blind eye after I saw 1 mistake, 2 then 3 all up front! Dang! Flustered I thought, ‘Sherry, read the story – seek God’s hand and put down the pen. It’s like life a bit messy.’

Errors. I’ll own it. Should of printed every set of that crossed out, questioned, highlighted stuff they sent me but it was overwhelming and I thought surely we had all the kinks worked out and were done. Nope. When you aren’t on the same page as your editor, boss, spouse or God we had better just stop until we come to an understanding on anything that is going to keep is from functioning as a team.

My error. That cost me and you an easy read. It will also cost me time as I’m not one to leave stuff wrong if I can fix it. And I can. Plus I want to ensure I understand where I went kadiwonkered before I get any further into the next book.

I say ALL that to say this. Some things you may have opportunity to redo but it may cost you precious time, relationships, finances. But when God says do it… It doesn’t matter what it cost you mentally, emotionally, financially or physically just DO it. Obedience leads to favor with God. Do it.

On the other hand some things we just have to surrender to the Lord. It’s called repentance and covered by grace.

I know if things had been different and God had taken me home last year instead my incredible husband, he would have been plagued just like I have been. His love would have caused him to consider all he would have done different. Actually that is one of my comforts… I tell myself what I would have told him if I were watching through heavens portals and our roles were reversed and then I cut myself the grace I’d have hoped he would have embraced.

Truth is: We are all imperfect people with our days written in ink but never forget we serve a Holy and loving Father who sent Christ in order that He could cast the shadow of our errors and edits as far as the East is from the West.

Let God restore what has been lost. And grab a hold of grace for your errors and generously extend it to others.

3 thoughts on “Errors, Edits and Do-overs

  1. Bro Lenny was one of the most godly amazing preachers! He reached people that others could not. I feel your book and writing will reach a lot of people that he missed .. you r doing his work the way that is you. And it will go a long way. I am blessed to have known both of you.

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  2. The book was everything I hoped it would be! It truly helped me walk thru some regrets and feelings about what I should have/could have done differently. Oh how I miss my John! I am forever grateful for God’s grace…I have learned to pay attention and appreciate it more. Much love to you my friend. Thank you for helping me walk thru this journey ❤️

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