Ready or not

The Bible speaks so often about being ready. In fact it tells us ‘to be ready in season and out of season…’

To most of us being ready implies that we are fixing to move, shoes on, let’s go! Come on… catch up already!!

But as I sat with the Lord Sunday and Monday once again prayerfully seeking directions for my journey, I was once again full of questions and a restlessness.

Am I where I need to be?

Am I doing what I need to do?

I hear You say it’s gonna be different, so I have emptied out my ideas. OK, I think I am ready… but still there is silence.


I was SOOoooo excited to find I was retaining what I read again, I thought okay here we go. So I thought,’I am ready, Lord.’ But do you know what I heard… ‘Be still.’

What!! Our churches are way too full of people that are being still. Sometimes God’s children get tired and go to sit a spell and forget to get back up. I desire to serve. I want to be Your hands and feet and make a kingdom size difference… use me up! Send me out conquering mountains like Caleb – leading armies like Deborah! One of the 70 disciples whose name we don’t know but were used because You sent and equipped them.

Still all I hear is, ‘Do nothing. Commit to… nothing unless I have called you to prayer and I have already spoken of it to you. Leave your calendar down.’

Sometimes you just want to go. BUT, while I don’t understand this, my fear and awe of the Lord means I will seek to be obedient. So that’s exactly what I have done and am doing. When He says, ‘Go. I’m gone. Do it – I am on it.’

If He says nothing… I am coming to a stop to just live in the moment.

Sometimes being still and waiting on the Lord IS the thing that God is asking you to do.

Being in fellowship with God, walking with Jesus today is an incredible way to spend the day and flow through people’s life. He is all we need and He is enough. And He will keep us ready with hearts in tune and eyes seeking His own. We don’t have to worry… we won’t miss His call walking this close.

Ready or not?

Whatever the day brings you… Be with Him and you’ll be ready.

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