The Adventures

I have always loved adventures. I created them for myself as a kid. And I created them for our kids and nieces and nephews back in the day.

An adventure is often a bit more of a challenge than a journey. It. Even sounds more like work to me.

On a journey I can buy a ticket, Rent-A-Car, and head to my final destination. But with an adventure the time frame is unpredictable. The amount of work involved may be overwhelming. BUT the sense of satisfaction when you conquer it is so sweet.

Before we entered the ministry we lived down Morris School Road. And just like my mom took my siblings and I bike riding on that big, ole loop when we were young. I took our kids and their cousins.

Three left hand turns at Foster Chapel Road, Crosby Road and eventually turned back Morris School Road and four hours is a round trip on bikes.

Strange thing about adventures. They are exciting to start. They make you as proud as you are tired, when you get them done. The problem is the stuff in the middle. It can get worrisome – quick.

Such was the bike ride and the hikes up the mountain… with my lil gang.

Everybody got tired, thirsty and hungry before they got close to being done. At that time they would turn into whiners which is kind of irritating to the adventure player.

However in the midst of the struggle we make memories and have time to think and pray and eat out PB and J’s…

You know we don’t put special markers on mundane moments. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say, ‘Take my picture carrying out the trash, fetching the mail, cleaning the toilets!’ Nope.

But graduations those are different. Fifth and fiftieth anniversaries also are different. Those are markers and milestones filled with wonder as they start. Filled with weariness as they drag on often uphill both ways and you get to where you feel you are losing steam with every step.

You’ll miss the celebration of quit half way through for the party starts when you cross that finish line.

You can’t celebrate, a job well done, until you finish THE thing and cross that hurdle.

Such is life and faith. Oh I’ve prayed and sought out an easier journey. But God doesn’t give out shortcuts. If He did He would have started with Jesus getting to skip the cross to set us free.

So this morning as you load up for the day’s adventure; pack your PB and J and take the time to make the most of the people alongside you. Encourage others and go all the way to the end resolved… steadfast.

In both faith and life there are two things that matter: how you finish and the memories left behind.

This is part of your legacy… Don’t look back.

Eyes on the Lord and for Pete’s sake… enjoy the ride.

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