It’s my birthday and I want it all!

I’m topping another year off and preparing to head up my next mountain… Okay, so all I’m really doing is aging. But growing old is in itself a journey. And this year I know exactly what I do and don’t want for my birthday… if y’all all pitch in you can make it happen:

I don’t want you to come visit me but I would love it if you would take 20 minutes and just sit someplace quiet and check in with our Father.

I don’t need you to sing me the birthday song but I do wish you would read one of David’s songs/Psalms.

I don’t need a gift, but I will take your prayers for wisdom and discernment.

And the only card I’ll need is a ‘grace card’ for being bossy (because I ain’t joking, I WANT you to bless me and do those 3 things – if you can only do 2 then do the first two :0).

Then if you have time tag me and let me know how my birthday went for you. Thank you for my gift.

2 thoughts on “It’s my birthday and I want it all!

    1. It’s ready out and may be ready early, Lord willing. I’ll be starting the BIble Study blog that will walk along book 1 June the first… posting every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Hope you’ll join in.


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