What’s your folks say about the book?

I’ve been stalling giving my mom her copy of ONCE AND AGAIN. I didn’t order extras initially and then when I did they sold before I got to mom’s to give her a copy and then – AND THEN a friend asked, ‘Is this going to upset your folks?’ hmmmm

I go far away to write so I can pray and be sensitive to the Lord’s voice and not find an excuse to just hold/hide it all in my heart. So when I wrote things in the book I revealed my journey and struggles BUT others actions always influence and affected our lives and vice versa.

The people in my book are beautifully flawed just like Lenny and I… so when something makes you go ‘That’s just not right!’ I hope you, the reader, are able to lay out grace cards in the same manner you have received them in Christ.

Actually, I tried to de-intensify stuff to keep it as wholesome as possible while still being transparent. I didn’t mention things, events and people word for word. I tried to get the situation across with the least amount of comment. I tried. But how’s my Momma going to take it? I don’t know. I guess I’ll find out as I gave her the book last night.

Lenny and I initially choose to just tuck the past away when we entered the ministry. But the past and God’s grace helped us love and lead. However the longer we were in, especially when Lenny began pastoring adults, the more opportunities God presented us to share the reason for the hope that is in us… and that is found in our testimony. Beautiful moments. Miracles. Storms. Pain.

The only way ALL things with together for good is if we learn spiritual truths from our mistakes. And by the time we got to Oregon in 2006 we were as see-through as possible.

You tell me. How can I help you if I don’t let you know that I too am frail and often… stupid? Why would you share and seek me out if you were going to feel condemned out less than afterwards?

So there we were… Real and vulnerable. That’s how WE CHOSE to be. BUT what if someone within the walls of your home were to share their story and glimpses of the not always beautiful you? If someone in your house were writing a book about you and your home would you be excited or concerned?? Which parts did they put in there – which parts did they leave out? What do they remember?

So Gordy & Rachel (his lovely wife) have their book read. It’s cool.

Debbie’s is still waiting at my house for her to come off of that mountain for a minute :o)

Dindy, my sister-in-law, has hers and is still talking to me LOL

Ricky, Angela, Frankie??? Momma & Dad? hmmm.

I may have turned 53 yesterday but it still matters what my parents think. I will tell you my mom was an incredible example of a believer taking us to church, meeting every need, a rock…unchanging. Then and now. My Dad was a man in need of a Savior just like my husband, just like you and me. Sadly, sometimes the choices we make aren’t the right ones. The prayers for my Dad wouldn’t be answered until after 9-11 in 2001. (Thank you Brother Frank for being a vessel that went out and met hearts were they were and for leading my Dad to the place beside the still waters where he could meet The Shepherd.)

God forbid any of us remain as we were 35 years ago! Lenny didn’t. Our kids. My parents. Our families. You. I.

As believers we shouldn’t forget who we were BC (before Christ) least we become unapproachable – in Paul’s journey he often used life examples BC and AD (after death of self).

For the record:

My Dad is awesome – still opinionated and stubborn but I sure do love him. My Mom is still strong spirited and strong-willed but gracious and loving. Now they are well into their golden years walking side by side and inseparable.

Now how close they let me walk after the book???

It should be good, right?? :o)

Well if you’ve read the book you’ll know it won’t be the first time I’ve been in trouble. LOL

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