So how’s the cargo conversion going?

Well it’s not. I’ve ordered heat and air and am waiting. I’ve ordered the retractable screen for the back door and am waiting. I gave up on Lowe’s and contacted a local cabinet maker to help me out with that and hopefully I’ll see him Tuesday.

So guess what I’m not doing?

Camping as someone turned the thermostat up to the mid-nineties in May!!

And I’m also not worrying about it. It’ll get done eventually.

There are things going on in each of our lives that annoy, frustrate or usher in fear. To you they seem huge and maybe they are, but the truth is as long as you allow/believe God is bigger than your problem you can find hope and rest in every circumstance. In spite of the tears. In spite of the pain. Even in death.

If you ever just feel done please know you are invited to just swing on in to my house. We’ll grab some ice water and head to the patio or sun room and visit, pray, share, cry or study until it levels and your faith gets its foothold again.

However if you are trying to find a custom cabinet guy or get info on finishing your gypsy trailer then I can’t help you… yet.

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