I needed this…

I’ve heard parents say it when they get a free weekend. I’ve heard adults say it when they are taking a vacation. I’ve heard women say it heading in to get a massage.

But today I heard it as I sat in the hot tub. Taking a Granny-getaway with the 2 girls while Curtiss and Lindsay are celebrating their anniversary. We were in the pool area with 2 other grandma’s and their teen granddaughters. I was tired. They (the other Granny’s) were ready to call it a day. We were exhausted.

But the comment came not from one of us aged saints but from 4 year old Madilyn as she slid down into the hot tub.

It’s almost funny but I guess the reality is we all actually really know when we should stop – it’s just choosing to do the thing.



Be still.


Here’s the simple truth, if a four year old… who when asked Saturday what she was thinking as she laid out drying by the pool, in the sun can reply, ‘I ain’t thinkin’ nuthin.’ (and then look at you like your crazy)… If that chic needs to chill in a hot tub after chasing her Granny around all day… Then there must be natural limits to what older adults, filled with real-life concerns, whose minds never shut down really need.

The difference is that we grown-ups set our schedule.

Sadly, most of us carry our calendar in our phone and we are quick to fill EVERY slot.

You know old school calendars had a one-inch square to write activities in. Not sure whose idea it was to give me a page for each day!! But I bought it.

Maybe I’ll give it to Madilyn to doodle on because I think I’m done. I can’t do it all… I know you’re shocked to hear that. (Probably not ;0) But I hate weighing everything that I could/should do when it all fits on paper but not reality.

That may be what I need more than anything else. Uhhhh that AND maybe some kid, or man (as Lenny had the same gift) to tell me how to tell my brain to take a chill and check out.

Praying our (yours and mine) week unfolds with blessings… As we wait on the One able to supply all our needs and wise enough to know what those are.


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