There was a day about 28 years ago that I had Lenny’s little red Ford Ranger at Walmart (in what is currently Big Lots here in Searcy.) I also had two babies under 3 and a basket full of groceries.

Now at various other times I had made mistakes trying to leave Wal Mart.

On the aforementioned day, I locked myself out of my car. So I called my friend who was a cop to help me out. He did and I thanked him as I loaded up the groceries and my lil bundles of joy. I buckled them in their car seats and tossed my purse into the front seat and hit lock and closed the door… No way! I’m locked out again before the cop car ever leaves the parking lot. I called again and he came back laughing. I wasn’t laughing.

I would like to say that only happened once but that would sooooo be a lie. I’d like to say that was the only problem I ever had at Walmart but that would also be alive.

You see I didn’t just have problems remembering when I could or should lock my car. I also had problems unloading my groceries. It matters of its your red Ranger. I should have known it wasn’t mine when it wasn’t locked! But when I sit down and saw McDonald bags and old, crumpled receipts and loose change everywhere and a cigarette package… well that’s a pretty good tip off that’s NOT my ride!!!

It’s easier now that you have alarms on your keys. And if you don’t have to use yours like that yet well then all I can say is good for you and beware your day is coming.

Anyways in the good old days we just walked around until we found the car that for our keys. :0) You know I’d like to believe that those sort of things only happen to young mothers who are feeling slightly overwhelmed and elderly people who are like 90. However, I was shopping Wednesday in North Little Rock with my sister-in-law, Sherry. And we came hustling out of Hobby Lobby with our arms full of treasures for her house. We were talking and excited eager to get home and switch stuff up. But the trunk clicker wasn’t working on her shiny, new, red Altima.

She was frustrated. I didn’t have any answers just a handful of stuff to hold and time. Looking around it seemed every body was having a lousy afternoon as the young lady who had just deposited her cart looked even more frustrated than Sherry.

Turns out your red, shiny, new Altima clicker doesn’t work on somebody’s else’s red, shiny, new Altima. Soooo sorry!!!

Sherry apologized profusely, trying to laugh out off, as we stepped back and passed on by searching for her car (the lady never laughed out smiled… Oops) But we did find her ride several rows over and proceeded to come home to the house. Luckily we never forget how to get home? No, wait I have also done that. Sad but true but that’s another story.

But there was also the time the guy came out and found others sitting in his car. He tried just telling then gently but they would have none of it and bowed up on him. People passing considered strong in as those in the vehicle were a bit belligerent and overwhelming but soon enough took all they had in their hands and left.

The young man stood unmoving, confidently stating everything be had placed and hid within it. One of those passing on by stepped back into the store to talk to management and when they say the chaos being created by the one in the driver’s seat and his wing-man, they called the authorities and left.

Both of those inside were insisting it was their truck and they’d owned it for years. Still they maintained their cause.

Exhausted of grace the young man pushed his sleeves up and reaching in he showed them the paid in full title.

Still they argued. It took a whole lot of time and a higher power to step in and resolve the matter. Sadly most of what the young man had deposited in the back of the truck had gone bad in the process and he had used all he had at his disposal to purchase what he had toted to the truck.

Now without time and opportunity he simply couldn’t go back and repurchase it.

Even as they were forced to leave and vacate his truck, he looked undone rather than relieved and my heart broke for him.

Oddly enough he looked broken not angry. And I lacked the power to do more than pray. It was heart-wrenching to watch and stand as one without power.

I am sad to say I have witnessed that more than once. You may be thinking – No way! That’s too bizarre to have happened twice. And I would say, ‘No, I’ve witnessed it more than twice.”

For that truck is God’s source of movement, the vehicle He had chosen to share the gospel with the world and train up. disciples… Commonly referred to as the church.

And that man who pushed up his sleeves in order to reach across and display his rightful ownership is the Christ who revealed the debt paid with the scars on his hands.

And those people creating chaos and trying to control the church – that IS NOT theirs – are those who would speak and act as the leader and head of Christ’s church without the authority, witness or power to bring about the purposes of a Holy God.

And those items, those things that Christ deposited within His church, they are souls, seeds and opportunities lost because of the pride of man.

You know we are all going to make mistakes and stand in need of grace, but God forbid we stand (with our best efforts) and oppose the One who died in order to lay the cornerstone for God’s church and children.

If you are in a healthy church count your blessings.

If you are in a church being led by mere men, you need to seek God’s wisdom and direction because you can’t remain there and be forever silent.

If you are always part of the storm within your church body. If you think your opinions bear the seal and weight of the God and Father of the only begotten Son. Please let go of what isn’t yours. You are choking the life out of God’s bride.

You and I, we will give an account. The days are short. Families will turn on each other. Blind shepherd’s will rise. The evil one will gain a foothold in God’s house but whoa to the person who holds open the door that Satan might enter.

PS Don’t try to figure out what brought on this message. I have friends all across the continent. I doubt you’d know them and even if you did prayer and a sensitivity to the Spirit is the only thing that can help them and keep us from becoming part of the same problem. Pray and don’t open any door that Jesus isn’t standing on the other side of.

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