NIKE – just do it!

Know God… ‘AND SERVE HIM’ (not yourself, not others, not the church… Above all serve Him)

‘SERVE HIM WITH A LOYAL HEART’ (not a distracted, fickle, lazy, unfaithful one)

‘AND WITH A WILLING MIND’ (not because it’s expected or my duty but because grace compels me embrace His will)

FOR THE LORD SEARCHES all HEARTS and UNDERSTANDS all THE INTENT OF THE THOUGHTS. (That will make you feel assured or afraid – according to what is motivating you in this season…)

If YOU SEEK HIM, HE will BE FOUND BY you; BUT if YOU FORSAKE HIM…. (Uhmmm -it’s not good…)

Consider this, this morning…
‘THE LORD HAS CHOSEN YOU (don’t be looking at another, don’t wonder when God will fix that or them. God is looking at you, speaking to and about you and where you are and your heart. Whatever it is…) ‘BE STRONG AND DO IT.’

1 Chronicles 28:9-10

2 thoughts on “NIKE – just do it!

  1. Thank you Sherry. God has put elderly people on my heart. I need to go visit rest homes. Before I read this I had already called my church to join the team. This just reaffirms what God has out on my heart. Love you.


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