A Widows Heart: the sound of you

There are days when I just expect Lenny to show up and share his day or talk about his visits or what he thinks sounds good for supper. But no matter how long I wait, he’s not coming, calling me… Or going to share. It is silent.

Have you ever been in a silence that echos?

The lack of my husband, and his voice, leaves a space that cannot be filled. Yet that silence vibrates in my heart just like the emptiness does within the walls of my home.

You would think I’d just turn the tv on and fill the void, hmmm?

And widows do… some times but there are nights, a lot of nights that you just sit in the silence and reach back in your memories for the sound of his voice saying your name…

OR you try to remember that joke he repeated a lot that may or may not have been funny…

OR to press past the suffering to recall what it sounded like for him to say, ‘I love you, Babe.’

Our houses remain quiet without the melodious lull of simple conversation, even as heaven rings with our pleas/prayers to God as we beseech a good Father to fit us for heaven and bring us up to where the Living Word, love, grace and our sainted spouses wait…

Don’t take for granted the voices attached to those tiny hands and hearts that are constantly under your feet or that spouse that still doesn’t understand you…

Love hopes, believes and endures. It has a name, a face and a voice. Don’t surrender a minute, for there will come a day you might not have the opportunity to hear it again. Oh how I cling to, and reach back for ‘the sound of you.”

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