ONCE AND AGAIN: Bible Study begins June 1

In the past year, since Lenny’s departure, God has allowed me to reconnect with old friends and extended family. He has also given me opportunities to make new friends.

I could name dozens. Each has a face and name and a story. Each has their own kind of worries or struggles or fears. Each has some level of faith in something. But several do not believe in God the Father and the Son and definitely not the Holy Spirit. Others have not taken root in Christ. Others have grown complacent. Others are lighting it up.

Some seek a new homeland or a fresh start. Some struggle with brokenness that stems back to their childhood. Some have gained a spouse and a family, while others have lost what they once knew through separation, divorce or death. Others have or have loved ones with debilitating health issues. Many are struggling to find a balance between life, work and faith.

While Once and Again is the beginning of my journey… it is my prayer that it will inspire others to look up when their lives get upside down. To the widow and betrayed God is the husband. To the heart that has been abandoned He is the good Father. To the sick of body and mind God is the healer. To the ones trying to outrun their past God is the kinsman Redeemer fully able to toss our past, all our confessed sin, as far from us as the east is from the west.

So regardless of what you may be currently going through take heart.

We are not born into nice and tidy lives. We are born into a world of chaos that is ruled by the one who would oppose the goodness of God. Satan’s only satisfied moments come in taking down the children of the Most High God. His desire is to separate us from the Father. His desire is to see us waste years living life to our best standard – on our own – apart from the love and grace of Christ. His constant desire since the garden has been to lure us into feeding our fleshly want-tos and to shadow the glory of God’s children, His house, His name and His Son.

So, as we make this journey together. Use grace liberally. When you look at people don’t be surprised when you find messes, even when you are looking in the mirror. My father, my husband, myself are all redeemed, restored messes.

With grace it is not about where we start but about our journey to the finish.

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