Camp is not the same…

I went to camp in the 70’s and 80’s at Camp Wyldewood in Searcy. We had 400 people, cold showers, no electricity, AC or lights. Tonight we are at Falls Creek where we do have AC, hot water, lights electricity and 10 times the attendance… 4,000 people.

Lenny and I were leaders in over 40 camps (so now you know I must be old or tired or both :0) We watched worship evolve, clothing fads come and go and come again. (Shhh they think it’s new and trending) just like camp romances.

However, while camp is different in many ways it has not changed. Girls and guys are still scoping each other out. You still have a multitude of kids who need to find and/or reconnect with Jesus but who are for the moment a tad bit distracted. There’s still a rush for a top bunk by your friends and a stampede for the snack bar after chapel because heaven help them they haven’t eaten for 3 hours. LOL

But there are incredibly beautiful ways that camp has remained the same: the Word is preached, there are hearts eager to hear, praise is lifted, the Message of the Cross and the resurrection is presented… And lives will be changed because God will draw close as they call upon Him.

A lot had changed but much is timeless and He has a name… Jesus.

Today I found out that a camper from my youth days passed away 2 years ago. His obituary was a narrative without mention of Christ or a church fellowship. Oh how I pray that in one of those weeks we shared at camp he found Jesus and it’s simply the people around him that chose to mention soooo many other things in his obit. But I don’t know what he did with Jesus… All I know is that Christ is faithful to extend it.

So as I stood to worship tonight I prayed for hearts that I knew from days gone by 10, 20, 30, 40 years. And I prayed for the hearts that are here with us today. This may be their moment… please join us praying they would have ears to hear the whisper above the teenage chaos of camp.

Thank you

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