How bad do you want it?

When people look at themselves and they don’t like the current shape of their body they often sign up for a gym membership or go buy a treadmill (with Bluetooth attachments and if it’s on sale the video screen of far away trails) or something.

They tell people I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle or get back to my old weight and get back into my clothes. Then they hit it hard. Committed. All in. Determined.

But after a season (generally bathing suit season) or when life hits them all-of- the-sudden they begin to compromise. They go to McDs to eat, or go by the fancy coffee shop to load up with some creamy thing loaded with sugar, in an effort to regain momentum after working out. And often they get lazy opting to go in their car to go fetch a jug of milk from the grocery store when in reality it’s less than 3 blocks away and they could have made it there quicker on foot.

It just doesn’t make sense.

Why bother grabbing the time, you say you never have enough of,

to workout so that you can be healthy


turn around and stack on the calories you just burnt plus a few

and refuse to put physical effort into maintaining the work you are doing while you are outside the gym???

My current expectations, of how far that person’s going to be able to go getting to their ideal weight, are not very high because they’re placing hurdles in front of their own progress.

The same is true of people who say I would be a follower of Christ or I want to grow. While they show up at church they don’t do things outside of church that reflect and build upon that. I’m not sure they understand how much their quiet times, studies, and moments with the Lord in church or at camp are stunted by what they do in the hours between.

How in the world do you expect to grow and look like Christ if you are holding sin even just for the amount of time it would take to eat a donut?

How can you ever become the hands and feet of Christ if you’re not willing to put the effort into walking after Him in obedience and you’re always looking for an easy-ride and the path of least resistance?

How can you learn a life of discipline if you won’t allow yourself to receive instruction?

Today I didn’t fuss with the youth (age 16-18) who wanted to sleep through Bible study or the ones who took off to go look for guys at the coffee shop. I didn’t say anything to the girl who had taken my soda rather than asking for one. They are making choices. I have loved on them and shared… I did my part. Jesus died for them, Be most definitely did His part. This speaker is incredible – be has done his part laying out truth.

It’s there turn to choose just like it is ours. What will we do with Jesus or will we choose to run without Him.

I won’t be distracted by their choices and I lack the ability to compel them though I/we have tried for four days. What I can do is exercise discipline over… me.

You see my journey of faith, and also the stories of the saints, have shown me that the greatest blessings – my hearts desires – are on other side of the mountain I am climbing today.

I am not satisfied to simply sit on the side of this beautiful mountain. I don’t just want God. I want everything God has for me to be. I would rise in full pursuit of what He has before me. I don’t want to die without laying hold of that for which God laid hold of me.

I don’t know where you are today. Maybe you’re content with what and who you are and I have desire to work anything out.

And maybe you are at the gym learning about God, working your salvation out with fear and trembling. Or maybe you are in prayer and in the Word reflecting on your call to be all and give all in pursuit of holiness.

Are you just going to eat and drink what you want knowing you’ll be back at the gym Sunday so it’ll all balance out or are you going to live out today in expectation of receiving ALL the promises of God.

Your hope has a name – His name is Jesus. He cares so much about having you whole and healthy that He paid for you to have a personal trainer… His name is the Holy Spirit.

What we do outside the gym determines how quickly you and I will experience the fullness of a life marked with faithfulness in this journey with an incredibly great God!!!

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