It’s not about me

We are traveling today on a train. The wind is in our hair. Everyone around us is excited. The scenery is like stepping back into time, trees, caves, old buildings. Sounds exciting, like a cross country Amtrak ride but in reality we’re in Silver Dollar City celebrating Elisha’s summer vacation.

So you’re probably wondering how does anyone get their own vacation?

Well Elisha is twenty seven with special needs and she doesn’t like much but what she likes she LOVES! And among the things she loves is pasta, Mrs Gibson and Barney shows AND if she’s going somewhere for vacation it’s going to be Silver Dollar City! No beaches vacations for this chick No. No! Just a seasons pass and two nights in a hotel a couple times a year.

So here we are and so far today we’ve got wet on the lost river but skipped the balloon ride because today she didn’t want to do that.

We ate hotdogs but skipped spinning on the tea cups because her belly hurts.

We’re riding the train but we’ll skip the pirate ships and roller coasters, ‘No rides!’

We’ll go to the dog show but not the Cajun Fest or Clogging dancers.


Because this trip is not about what I like, or Sherry (her mom) it’s about Elisha. Period. Her vacation and her call.

If I use that speaking spiritually it’s about seeing other’s needs over our own. That’s hard even for the strongest believer. It’s difficult to remember to be self-less when you are stuck in line or traffic, hot, tired and busy, way too busy.

In those moments we resemble a youth trying to figure out how to get our own way. And often we become get frustrated or flustered. And I have a perfect example of that today because this time Sherry brought Elisha’s 11 year old nephew as well (who doesn’t love SDC!).

It is hard for him to understand why we can’t just do the rides he likes. So we explain. An hour later I am looking for another way to explain the concept of it’s not about you this time (although his Nana did slip away three times to ride with him).

Finally this last time I asked him if it’d be okay when he and all the boy cousin’s come in July to bring Elisha. His look said, ‘You’re joking right?’ My look replied, ‘Nooooo, not kidding.’ So he quickly laughed and responded, ‘I am good.’ And gave me a hug.

It’s not a big problem when an 11 year old struggles with that concept, it’s our nature to see and seek our own perspective.

Yet there comes a time as we mature, especially as a believer, that the new nature should easily be able to say, ‘Whatever you need, is fine.’ There are times it is not about us at all. It is ALL about someone else. Their needs, their dreams, their heart… their vacation.

When we do that others see Christ in us, His heart, His hands. And if no one else notices… He does.

When I do the other He, and others, see me… a childish me.

As adults it’s hard to lead others to a selfless place if I won’t go there. Anyone with small children or special needs children understand that because that is how they live every day.

Yet is that how we live? Selfless? Hmmmm…

To live out the day for someone else what we’re called to do.

So I’m heading out to celebrate these three days with Elisha simply because I love her and she loves her ‘lennynsherry’ (aka me) to go with her to the hotel and SDC.

Whatever we do next will be perfect with me but if I know Elisha it will involve supper at the Olive Garden :0) and music. While it’s not about me I’ll be blessed by the journey and her contented smile as she recaps every event tonight.

Have a blessed day giving yourself away!!!

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