Found it! Counsel on raising kids…

I had told my daughter I didn’t have much advice on raising kids when the precious dears started having A LOT of personality. (If you know what I mean ;0).

I just kinda modeled my Mom and collected some data from my fellow parenting peers and Dr Phil.

But today I found some Biblical based parenting insight while I was studying Genesis (I’m moving slow and STILL in the first 7 chapters.)

Like the good Father He is, God attended to all of Adam’s needs. He gave Him life. A name. Gave him drink. Fed him. Be gave Him limits and live. Gave him a family role to fulfill. AND while He did His God stuff He still watched them and would take off in for walks with His children in the cool off the day.

Time, love, instruction and provision. The Basics of Parenting 101. God did it. We do it.

That’s not something you didn’t know already.

But Adam and Eve messed up… disobeyed. Took it all for granted. Mistrusted His counsel. In other words, they intentionally did the ONE thing their Father had said NOT to do, they ate the fruit off of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

We understand that fully because we are their descendants and we too disobey and do our own thing in spite of what we have been told.

Having done the wrong thing they don’t ‘fess up but they got quiet and tried to hide. It’s almost funny when a two year old tries to hide. It’s a bit more frustrating when it’s a sneaky teen-ager but wise yet – heaven help us when it’s … us hiding in rebellion.

Sorry back to parenting…

Regardless of how well His children tried to ‘cover up’ their nakedness or shame He of course found them.

Now let’s look at what He did and did not do.

1. He DIDN’T go rushing in accusing or disciplining.

2. He DID ask questions in hopes they’d ‘fess up. And He asked the questions even though He already knew the answers.

2. He DID let them give an account or reckoning. (Romans 14:12 ‘Each of us shall give an account of himself…’)

3. When Adam and Eve decided to pass the buck instead of be honest their wise and still good Father, in love, DID hand out some discipline. Gen 3:9-19.

3. He DIDN’T let them justify/excuse themselves OR pass the blame to another but exposed their sin to them individually together.

4. He DIDN’T hide or remove consequences. Their was a different but just penalty for all involved.

5. In love He DID sacrifice His feelings and more in order to cover and restore a right relationship with them.

6. He DID remove anything from them that would be detriment to life. Temptations they could not be entrusted with like the TREE of LIFE.

What He DID is as important as what He DIDN’T do.

In His wisdom and great love He considered the end result He had for their heart and future and then did what needed to be done TO and FOR His children.

So there’s your counsel, follow God’s lead.

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