Headed Down Under…

If you thought I was heading to Australia’s down under – consider yourself GOT! ;0)

What is actually going on is that I almost filled my summer up WITHOUT checking when school started or when everyone was taking vacations anx about missed getting times lined out for our summer getaway. Bad Granny.

So Sunday afternoon I grabbed 5 of the grandkiddos and we took off for an adventure. Our destination: the caverns at Blanchard Springs.

I have a two-fold strategy for my choice of adventures.

1. This Granny and Pa intentionally chose not to buy birthday or Christmas gifts. We opted to create time and memories away from the TV and tablets. So we buy Silver Dollar City passes for half of us and then take advantage of the five free passes that come with our season passes to make our escape. (Add my choice privilege points to the equation and we rarely have to lay out any cash for even our room with the hotel breakfast and pool! Bam!(Hey we learned how to make something out of nothing when we were pastoring… :0)

That being said our kids did raise an eyebrow when I asked for all 5, and then all 11, by myself in the months after Lenny got his Express Pass home. Now, I think I managed the grandkiddos fine whether there were 5 of them or all 11, however I have opted to split this summer routine up into two groups. Why? Because I’m smarter than I look LOL and the overnights with 11 had the rooms looking like the cabins at church camp 4 days in! Scary!!

The number 2 reason for heading to the caves is that I have a couple of grandkiddos who don’t appreciate my favorite ride at Silver Dollar City. It’s a water ride (I think it’s called the River Rapids) where you get into a huge tire looking thing and wait to see who gets wet. I LOVE it!!! But when it gets dark – well some of my grandkiddos don’t. SOOoooo I’m hoping after spending an hour in the beautiful, huge caves at Blanchard tomorrow that they’ll not give the dark on the river ride a second thought.

Surely a 50+ year old Granny can outmanoeuvre a couple of lil kids, right?

Anyway here we go a trying.

You know I think I’m pretty smart working stuff out in order to reach a desired end. But I’m leaning back, in a very crowded bed in Mountain View, thinking God is just smiling at me and laughing recalling all of the times He’s had to set me (and you) up in order to equip us for our faith journey – just like I do the kiddos.

Hmmmm, I’m thinking of the times I just didn’t trust what He was saying and am counting my blessings that I He is long-suffering.

I am also thankful for the times I hit life’s ‘hard stuff’ and found that He had already sured-up the insecurities and fears that would have turned me into a runner.

I pray the time I spend with my grandkids will influence their faith, hearts and minds. It was our hope, and is still my prayer, that the time we share will leave them with a beautifully-filled treasure trove of Bible Studies, prayer times and laughter shared.

Ready or not by the time you read this Monday morning we’ll have traveled down and under and back up.

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