Baseball and Butterflies

There is something so very special about being picked out from the crowd.

Every time I look back at the evening when Lenny and I were married, I am filled with butterflies. Not only were we there with the one we loved but we were there proclaiming to our world that we were with the one we chose above all others.

And today I am pondering one phrase I read in the Word, “… this is the one!”

The story is a familiar one found in 1 Samuel 16. It is the story of God revealing His choice for the king of Israel. Samuel was struggling with a change-up in the middle of the inning. God wanted to get His people back on track NOW. Samuel wasn’t in full agreement as Saul was still trying.

Yet heeding his manager, Samuel stepped out to bring a new king into the lineup as instructed. As he considered the options be received one more word of caution to reassess his thinking/vision.

“Don’t look at his outward appearance… for the Lord… Looks at the heart.”

Slowly and methodically he looked into the bullpen. There they stood strong, able, young men but none fit the job at hand. Not one of them is ‘the one’.

So he asks, ‘Is someone missing? Is this all we have?’

Oh no, there’s one left they sent out to refill the Gatorade coolers. So they all wait… a bit uncomfortably as the whole game is now on hold.

Eventually the young man arrives and when he does word comes down from the box above. ‘That’s him!!! Let’s go!’

Okay that’s my interpretation. But what I read in text caused my mind to stop. For the Lord looked down upon David and spoke saying, “… this is the one!”

In the stillness that followed I heard my husband’s voice echo, ‘You are the one…’

Then I heard the Lord remind me, ‘I chose you.’

And I sat stilled and silenced. In the middle of the game I get called up and once again here come the butterflies.

What could every day be like if we woke up and paused long enough to remember that He has chosen us and separated us unto Himself and we, like David, are the one!

Oh, I won’t be crowned king or queen today. I won’t stand before the masses and receive accolades of praise but today I can stand in confidence before the God who loves me and with my whole heart – love Him back.

I can choose to live in the fullness of my faith and give it feet knowing that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

You can choose to live in the fullness of your faith and give it feet knowing that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

If your heart is set upon Him – then know He is calling you today to be His witness.

You are seen.

You are loved.

You are chosen.

You are the one!

Do you feel it… Butterflies.

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