Just a closer walk…

What if the only thing you had to do this morning was ‘rise and walk’, not like exercising (gross!!) or getting from point A (home) to point B (work) walking… but simply walking with the Lord.

How does that sound to you?

Boring? Hey I’ve heard people say it without saying it, if you know what I mean. But I’m not necessarily talking about studying all day or listening to the Bible on cassette, although you might do that. I’m talking about just spending the day conscious of Him and your blessings. Living and resting in His love!

When we took/I take teams out for missions it wasn’t about preaching, prompting or pushing an agenda. It was about having equipped our hearts to live out each day in Christ. We knew it wasn’t about the destination, as much as, the heart we walk in with and the validity of the message we hope to share.

We knew it was about people but not just the ones we are serving. It was also about the people we are serving alongside and those we would meet along the way.

It’s about the guy in the new yellow Camero we prayed for all the way into Chicago and I still pray for today.

It’s about the couple fighting at the rest area ready to divorce that we shared, counseled with and prayed for.

It’s about the people at the fourth of July rodeo on the border of Nebraska who we couldn’t out-bless.

And all of that sprung from our daily walk with Christ.

Yet you shouldn’t have to be on missions to experience it. Jesus actually requested it off His followers. It’s in the red letters in the New Testament just like it is in black letters of the Old Testament when God said the same thing.

It’s about the walk… our individual choice with how we opt to spend each day after we arise from bed. Can people tell we’ve had a little talk with Jesus? Do they feel the warmth in our eyes? Joy? Peace?

When Lenny passed away the Lord was there with us.

Why was He there? Because we lived that kind of relationship with our Redeemer, Father and Ever-present Help… every day.

How did we know He was there? You, we felt Him.

It’s kinda like when you’ve been married a long time and you sleep at night spooning. Lenny never woke up to tell me he was turning over. I didn’t wake up enough to ask why? I just rolled when he rolled. We moved in sync. Faith does that, not just any faith but an intimate faith that’s spent hours together walking through life.

You could ask any heart that stood on the edge of the river that night as they pulled out the gurney and unzipped the body bag so I could see the man who called me Babe.

The ONE whom Lenny and I walked with daily was there. And if you didn’t show up with Him there was so much of Him available that you got to leave knowing you had been touched.

You could feel His Spirit settle across the crowd… that’s what I heard from others.

What I know for certain is that He was there with me. His peace in my pain. Trust in spite of the unexpected end of our getaway. We, Jesus and I, walked through that day until its close.

That’s the wonder of walking with Jesus. That night Lenny walked with Him into eternity. That night He carried me home to our bed and caught each tear.

That night Lenny and I closed the day just like we had started it… with Him.

That my friend is the beauty of walking with God.

Tonight’s a great time to decide He will be the one thing you won’t start tomorrow without.

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