You may see it in a sunset or smile. You may hear it in the laughter of children as they run or in the thunder and crash of the waves upon the shore.

Beauty is not meant to be judged it is meant to be enjoyed.

Today I found it in 3 fellow travelers, people that I now call friends.

Okay so don’t tell my mom, after all I am 53 but today… I hitched a ride. Initially, I thought I had a car and they didn’t so I thought hmmmm I don’t have to have a car so I can let them have it if they’ll just drop me off at Gold Beach. After all that is where they were going and they had been waiting a longer than me.

Then it turned out I also was going to have to wait for a car and when the lady at the desk said that their car was ready I headed over to the one doing the ‘wheeling and dealing’ and said, “Were you serious about letting me ride with y’all?”

Oh my word ya’ll settle down, I can hear you from here! You all think I’m crazy for jumping in a car with strangers but it felt comfortable like we were old friends.

Anyway they said they didn’t care and so I cancelled my car and jumped in for a three hour tour (can hear Gilligan’s Island theme song?

So meet Edward the son and Edward the father and Brooke the daughter/grandaughter.

They’re from California and talk normal and I am still from Arkansas and do not. But I got to hear about Edward serving in the military and we got to talk about football (which anybody that knows me knows I love) and beyond that all four of us had suffered the loss of a spouse and / or mother in the past two years. All of us were walking through the same Journey and heading to the same place and it was a good trip to Gold Beach instead of a little lonely one.

I call that beautiful. God just crossing my path with people I might otherwise have not had the pleasure of meeting.

I also got to play with Steve & Sheri’s grandsons. Okay I had just met them also but they let me race with the boys on the edge of the waves.

That was beautiful too.

Everyday has the possibility of being beautiful.

You just have got to look through Jesus’ eyes to see it and them.

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