(Flashback) Why are they smiling…

So have you ever been physically spent, emotionally done and mentally checked out and you just keep whispering under your breath ‘Please Lord, not one more thing.’

I think it happens to us all, however some seem to be able to shoulder a bit more for a bit longer before they hit ‘DONE’..It happens whenever our days get too full, illness’ strikes, moods are out of bounds, unscheduled activities interrupt etc.,

I have seen 4 of my closest friends slide into it the past few days and I joined them last night after an emotional departure and a full week found us 20 miles north of Redding stranded! It was okay the 1st hour and when the mechanic came during the 2nd I kept the tide at bay however when it became apparent it wasn’t fixable and we were waiting another almost 2 hours – yeah,the best of me failed to show up. It checked out, as did my incredible husband’s best-est self. A grin-n-bear-it attitude slides in and reap briers… not blessings.

Whose affected? Those closest to you normally. Yep, those you love most find themselves lanced by unmerited barbs and frustrations not of their own causing. Then when the day comes to a close, you sit on the edge of the bed filled with regrets that won’t disappear in the night hours but will revisit you as the dawn awakes.

So what now? Two options arise. Continue your course or repent.

If you continue, you won’t feel better but the bitterness will spread until it cankers in your heart. Seeking forgiveness from God and those you might have wounded is like hitting a reset button and being restored.

Today we had 2 options as we waited and waited some more for the truck rental place to line us up some help. He chose prayer. I chose meditation / reflection. And when we came together we had the after results of option #2 which enabled us to laugh as sat in front of 2 Penske’s and snap a photo… smiling.

One of our young moms showed the photo to her young children (whom she had included in her prayers for us as we sent her updates…) The young boy’s response when he was told of our situation was one of concern, so when he was shown the picture he was puzzled, “Why are they smiling?” And his precious mother responded, “Because they love Jesus.”

O how grateful I am that we chose option two and left a different impression than choice #1 would have brought on that young man’s heart, as well as, my own and Lenny’s.

So should you have a moment and lose your cool and get flustered or angry… back it up, make up, forgive and be forgiven. Gladden God’s heart and release yours. Give yourselves and others the opportunity to remember how to face life’s little storms.

The same two options are available: smile or whine.

from July 27, 2015 Briars and Blessings FB

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