Rogue River

Our life is a journey.

In October of 2006, our journey took Lenny & I to Rogue River, Oregon.

The people at Grace became family. The town our home. Days and then years came and went like the ebb and flow of the Pacific Ocean… sweet times with sweeter people.

Building projects went up as we grew in number. Challenges were met and overcome. Needs erupted and God prevailed. Disciples were made as we moved in unison with the Father and our faith was strengthened. Friendships were woven through trials, service and fellowship… that will forever be embedded in my heart.

So many blessing, too numerous to name or count.

So where are the briars?

In that instance they were in the pain we experienced as we pulled away to begin a new chapter on our journey. For in a place called Grace God had made our lives richer and strengthened our faith and enlarged our family.

God ushered us there in the summer of 2006 and in like manner in 2015 He called us out.

As we pulled out with our U-Hauls and loaded vehicles I gathered the blessings and embraced them even as we merged onto I-5. In those moments the pain of leaving those who have become such a huge part of our lives hit me full force. Here was the briar that accompanied the years of blessings.

To my faith family in Oregon I’ll see you the first of the August! 

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