What would I have to do, or be caught doing to tarnish or destroy my witness before you?

For some reason we all have our ideas about how wrong a thing is?

Swearing at someone vs hitting. Drinking vs being drunk. Pot vs meth. Lying vs steal. Sleeping around before marriage vs after. Etc.,

The reality is we know the Word has said we have liberty. And the fact is sometimes we all have made or make excuses for ourselves and others. We love the freedom promised to those in Christ. We are grateful for the grace we have experienced in Him.

But they are not there to allow us “opportunity” to feed our flesh. (Gal 5:13) or to cover or “cloak” our vice. (I Pet 2:16)

I Corinthians 8:9 says, “… beware less somehow this liberty of yours becomes a stumbling block to those who are weak.”

We won’t stand before God in a group. He won’t require the same thing from all but we will each give an account for how we lived out this Incredible Journey of faith.

My testimony. Fulfilling the great commission… being a light… an ambassador. I can’t do both. I can’t serve 2 masters.

I won’t say much about choices you make (unless you are family or faith family then I’m just probably going to say… it in love ;0).

Yet as for me personally I would request that you not cut me the kind of grace that enables me to hold sin, and embrace my will as I strip my witness and take captive the very Spirit meant to reign over me.

I could smoke. I don’t.

I could drink. I won’t.

I could use profanity and watch sitcoms that do. But I strive not to.

I speed. I need to, No I have to stop.

I could stop reading my Bible, going to church, praying… seeking and serving. I could, but I won’t.

I could remarry. And some of you would be more rattled by that than if I did something that was a top ten sin!

The truth is there are a lot of things that our country says is legal to do that I won’t do now (or again). And there are things that the Word seems to imply are viable options that aren’t ideal.

I don’t want to live Christ half way. We did not live that way because Lenny was a pastor it was our heart’s desires to be led out and lead others out. It is still my desire.

I don’t want to deny His power to reign in me.

I’m striving for THE prize… Not just to finish the race but to finish it well. Therefore there is one thing I guard. In a world being overcome by darkness I am compelled to guard my witness.

What would a drink hurt? Or me just hanging out in a bar hurt? My testimony.

Everybody who knows me would pause if they saw a picture of me with a drink or a cigarette in my head or standing at a roulette table.

Everyone would either wonder, ‘What is going on with her heart?’ OR they’d excuse it and use it to cloak their own vices.

You see God’s glory isn’t displayed as I reveal my weakness but as I overcome them!!!

Sin has power. Not just to halt your growth forward (sanctification) but to steal, kill and destroy your testimony. My witness. Your witness.

We think what we are doing… well it’s not so bad. But God isn’t interested in our opinions about how we look or what we think. He’s looking for hearts in pursuit of His own.

If I compromise I am still moving – it’s just the wrong way.

I am preparing to load up on a plane right now. There is only one route that will make a successful flight. I don’t want it to go down unexpectedly. I don’t want it to turn around or go a different direction than it’s intended destination. It has to go up and move forward and end as it was planned and purposed. That result is the only one that will leave the airline with a good report.

Just like you.

Just like me.

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