Pooh’s Peaceful Pace

Last Saturday night I went and watched Christopher Robin. I LOVED the movie!

I appreciated the fact that he wasn’t easily swayed from the task before him. The bear with very little brain seemed content and fixed, relentless in his pursuit of whatever was in front of him be it helping a tigger or avoiding hump-a lumps and wozzles.

But there were a couple of things that kind of almost “Ohhhh bothered” me.

One: He wasn’t very emotional. He just saw a singular problem and would slowly meander off in the direction he thought he might find an answer. Then when he found it – when his excellent adventure was complete – he just seemed a smidgen , I mean barely surprised at all and NEVER excited! Nothing worked him up and nothing brought him down although the presence or absence of honey seemed to make him sway off his norm at least a little. :o)

Two: While his mind was locked in on one thing and while he was intentional in his movement… my word his pace was just soooo slow!! I just wanted somebody to pick him up, escort him and get him someplace… before something went amiss. Yet he always seem to ponder as he wandered around. Amazingly, he always got to where he intended to be even when he didn’t have any idea exactly where that was!!!


This summer I have spent a lot of time pondering while I was wandering.

At church camp in Oklahoma I took off in a thunderstorm for a long, long, loooonnng walk. I never ran or got in a hurry. I did however get really, really wet but I didn’t care because I got to my desired end.

Back in Arkansas, with the girls at camp in Hot Springs I just took off driving one morning on back roads not sure where I was going but knowing that I would eventually find the peace and a store with an ice pack for my neck which I was needing and then I would return back to camp.

I disappeared for early and/or late walks in Texas on missions. And most recently in Gold Beach, I would take off walking all the way to the Porthole Cafe (and not get anything to eat) just so I could turn at the jetty and walk upon the sand with my shoes off and the water waltzing about my feet.

In every occasion I found what I had been looking for… peace in God’s presence.

But how do you get to your sweet spot before the Lord or :o) at Pooh Corner?

Well at least twice in the movie when Pooh was asked if he knew where he was, he responded,

“No. But I always get to where I’m going by walking away from where I’ve been.”

That’ll preach!

If you’ve ever been flustered by where you have been the best thing to do is spend some time with the Lord and hit reset and focus forward. It means we acknowledge where we have been and set off in perfect peace, intentional towards what He has placed upon our heart.

We all have time, we just don’t always use it well. We all have troubles, we just don’t have the right perspective usually when we face them. We all have needs, emotions and opinions but often they rule us instead of us ruling over them.

Pooh moved intentionally, calmly ahead in light of his convictions while we try to play Superman or Wonder Woman or… Ninja Turtles. He is quietly living in the moment and we are attempting to hold together our little worlds while attempting to live two lives. (You know that’s referred to as having a split-personality. It’s not considered healthy by the medical community or the God… just saying.)

Okay and I knoooow there is a difference between those specific sets of super heroes. One is saving the world while serving as a disguised newspaper man and the others are ‘cow-a-bungaing’ life while saving the world as it falls apart at their feet… but both are living two completely different lifestyles and hoping to fulfill two competing and completely different sets of priorities. They are not at all in Pooh form.

They are not single-minded. Watching them may put you in the midst of some drama and most definitely some action. Not Pooh… one thing at a time.

Sometimes we say or have said, “Lord, I would follow wherever You go.” But when He calls us on it or another option becomes available or something pushes in… we fold. Just like the fella in Luke 9:57-62. Jesus gave him one solitary commission. “Follow Me.” To busy pursuing life’s comforts and obligations to everybody… he missed it. He wasn’t willing to walk away from where he had been.

I not only don’t know but in Winnie the Pooh fashion I am learning I don’t have to know all the answers. I just have to be walking closely with the One who does.

One last thought please. The Son of God was only seeking one thing as He walked among us and I never read where He was in a hurry or put off by difficulties. Even when He was flustered He did not lose control of Himself.

Maybe this weekend would be a good time to check yourself.

Maybe we can all set some emotions and time aside to ponder and wander through the weekend at the pace of Pooh.

Surely we can keep up with one silly, old bear 🙂

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