In your hand

I know the commercial asks, “What’s in your wallet?” but that is not today’s question. Today the question is, ‘What is in your hand?’

There are plenty of occasions within the scripture where what someone is holding in their hand seems to identify what’s going on in their heart before they even use the item.

Now many are familiar with the passsage from the Book of Matthew where Jesus says, “… out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”

But it also says in Proverbs that, ‘…even a fool is considered wise when he is silent.’

So you can’t trust only the words that hit your ears. Sometimes you may need to use a little more sense (according to what I was taught in school there were 5 senses 🙂 and also look at what you can see.

Today all we are going to look at what is in our hand.

In Luke Chapter 7, a woman comes in with an alabaster flask of oil and kneeling at the feet of Christ she merges the pricely oil with her tears as she washes the feet of her Saviour.

Can you tell the status of her heart by what she did with what was in her hand?

Yes, you can.

Another example is found in 1st Samuel 18. Here King Saul is found flustrated and in the midst of a very, very bad day. He sits in his house in a room filled with people whose presence he has requested with a spear in his hand. I think it’s very odd that anyone would stay armed when they are surrounded by peers whom they say they trust. For whatever reason he is obvious and rest has him seeking solace and trying to appease his mood. Yet in an ugly temper, he casts it at the very one he has called in to soothe his spirit with song.

Can you tell the status of his heart by what he did with what was in his hand?

Yes, you can.

The reality is others can’t see into the depths of our heart and sometimes we don’t want to examine our hearts.

But the words that we say and the deeds we do reveal the status and reflect the intimacy, or lack thereof, with God. And while we might fool all of the people some of the time – God is not a fool nor will He be mocked.

So maybe today before we examine what’s in our heart we should first consider what’s in our hand. Are the blessings and power we hold things that we will use to glorify and honor God or are they being used to ease and appease our flesh?

The Lord has said in times past, “What is that in your hand?” If he were to ask you and I that today would we see those things we are holding in the same light as He does? Do they testify of our insecurity and fears or of our gratitude and His glory?


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