Happy Birthday, Lenny

From Lenny’s journal entitled: A Father’s Legacy. A book where you are asked questions and given space to respond and leave legacy markers for those that follow you.

Entry date: 2010 – 2015 while we were in the parsonage at Grace Baptist Church, Rogue River, Oregon 2010

This particular day’s question:

Who gave you your name and why?

Did you have a nickname and how did you get it?

“Lenny is not my real name. My first name came from Papa Pink. My middle name is also my dad’s, mine and my son’s middle name. My last name is Brewer. My Dad is very proud of the Brewer name and I must say that I am proud of it also.

It is very important to me to carry on in good standard the Brewer name.

I also pray I make my heavenly Father proud as I watch after His name.

Lenny is my nickname the name my sister Dindy gave to me. When I think of it and us way back then it makes me smile. I hope and pray that hearing ‘Lenny’ causes people to remember me as being something special and that it also makes their hearts smile.”

The photo is from 1988 and was taken on Lenny’s 26th birthday and is of Virginia, Lenny’s mom with me and Lenny. Sadly this picture doesn’t allow you to see the mullet he had going on LOL and I am looking… hmmmwell bless my heart :o) We look at odds but Memaw looks GREAT!!!! I have NO idea where the soccer ball fits in as we didn’t do soccer until Curtiss was five. Odds are the kids were roughhousing the ball and it was confiscated by an adult… Lenny just barely qualified to hold it. :o)

The picture was taken one month before he dressed up like a raisin (in a black trash bag) and danced and moon-walked to I Heard it Through the Grapevine for the Talent Show at the county fair! Oh boy does that memory make me smile. And it should hopefully explain why the cake has a dancing raisin on stage. LOL

It was taken two months before he accepted the Lord and that also makes my heart smile.

Miss ya Babe. See you soon…

Your Babe

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