It has been a long, hot summer that will probably linger for another month before it will be escorted out by the cooler winds of autumn. So as we must embrace the heat I’m going to shift gears and slide into


Webster defines wisdom as:

accumulated learning; the ability to discern; good sense, judgment

I could always use more wisdom and I am quite old but last week my youngest grandson began His official quest for wisdom and started Kindergarten.

Was I shocked when he called me that after and only mentioned food, friends and recess?

Uhh, No. :0)

I didn’t expect to hear the Preamble of the Constitution, he is after all only 5. And even if he was trained and did memorize the beginning of our historic declaration, he currently lacks the wisdom to interpret what IN THE WORLD it means… ☺

You see wisdom has a starting spot and is a building process and wisdom has a glorious end.

You won’t get filled with wisdom when you surrender to Christ, you get filled with the Holy Spirit.

It doesn’t come with a doctoral degree from a prestigious seminary. Regardless of what you may have been led to believe the right paperwork hanging on the wall and listed on a resume may make you qualified for a pastoral job BUT only a heart in fellowship with God will reveal to you how to apply the KNOWLEDGE received and allow wisdom to lead in a work that builds the kingdom and allows God room for His glory to be displayed.

Wisdom is also not guaranteed with age. No, it comes with a maturing desire for the things of God and the proper application in using the Word of God in life. Even a man of many, many years can choose to be a fool and reject God and wisdom.

My dad always said, “Stupid is as stupid does.” And you are correct in your assumption that that is not a positive statement you would want to hear regarding your intelligence status. ☺ I think the same meaning could operate in the opposite fashion, “Wisdom is as wisdom does.”

Wisdom alerts us to danger, grants us discernment, leads us to apply situations rightly. The following saying does NOT exemplify wisdom:

Someone once said stupid is when a cop pulls you over and says, “Papers'”

and you say, “Scissors.” and think you win.

God doesn’t expect you and I to know everything or be perfect. You might have that expectation for yourself, or another, but God KNOWS you. He doesn’t.

What He does expect is that His children would desire to KNOW Him and embrace the gifts He has given rather than the world’s cheap alternatives.

He”… the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (Ps 111:10) The awe of God is the beginning… of wisdom’s kindergarten.

He understands that “happy is the man who finds wisdom”. (Pr 3:13) Because on wisdom’s journey the last stop on earth is the first step into His heaven and eternity.

So don’t spend today playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.


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