Enough already!

Have you ever had a really overwhelming issues with your in-laws? Or unexpectedly found yourself without a job? Or been estranged from your new wife?

Ohhh it could be worse.

“How” you ask, “could it get worse?”

You could find yourself separated from your bride, without a place to live…without a job and at your wits end and then have your parents and siblings track you down and ask to move in?

Good thing that never happens, huh? Well if you start reading 1st Samuel 22 you’ll see it did happen. BAM! BAM! BAM! It happens. It happened to David.

His father-in-law, King Saul, is bitter and frustrated and believes David is his issue and so he tries to take his son-in-law’s life. David has to run. His wife stays behind with her dad as does his best friend who is also his brother-in-law. His job was to serve the king… yup that’s gone.

I can see him in the cave hiding and praying and asking God, ‘I don’t understand. What am I supposed to do?’

Yet there he is alone, without food or funds or shelter, in hiding. But he will be found. Oh not by his heart broken wife or his best friend. When he is found it will be by his family who have come to him seeking refuge.


I can sense his initial relief at seeing friendly faces, his siblings and his mom and his dad… Yet as he stands watching another day fade into night I can picture this psalmist stepping into a starless night and lifting his concerns to the Lord.

‘Lord, it is hard to hide from an army when I am alone. I trust my life with you but enough Lord, please. I can’t run with my mom. I don’t want to see her living in fear!’

So what do you do? What would you do?

If you’re David you keep praying and trusting and then step into the role God is saying He has equipped you to walk in. This is the response of a man of strength, humility, character and great faith. This is the heart of the man God was preparing to be king.

Well crud! Where does that leave me?

What was I whining about last?

What is going on around me that is so bothersome to me that my faith won’t help me step over it?

What questions about the future are troubling me so that I keep wanting to step back or sit down or run?


Who do I want to be when I grow up? What kind of legacy do I want to leave? Is my faith reflected in my voice and my choices?

You have to ask it and I have to ask it because God wants us to see who we are in light of who He is. Period.

David is going to make mistakes later BUT he handled so many of life stresses and pressures with dignity and grace… even this one. No wonder God referred to him as a man after his own heart.

I guess if that bothers you like it bothers me… we’ve got homework.


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