Live led

Being led by the Spirit does not mean we are going to be exempt from test. Jesus was led into the Wilderness by the Spirit (Luke 4:1) definitely not easy!

In the life of a believer every day something is being built up, worked in or presented that is meant to prepare us for what is to come.

There will be tests and trials. However even in those there is a beauty to be found that we cannot experience apart from moving through the midst of them with God.

I am captivated by things that can’t be stopped. A huge linebacker that is a powerhouse. Athletes like Earl Campbell, Mean Joe Greene, Refrigerator Perry. Clouds that roll and stretch across the sky. Lightning that shoots and scatters at will. The sun that lifts and glows, rising and setting. All with their own beauty, a beauty that is defined and designed by an all knowing Creator.

But as with all things there is a give and a take. A time of ease and a time that bears the energy of an intentional push.

Look at the ocean. In constant motion, it is the ebb and flow that keeps its power in tack and keeps it from being just a really, really large, salty, flat pond.

Ordained for this purpose the tide defies us, life and time to stop it. It moves in obedience… unharnessed and true to itself and God’s design. Fulfilling its purpose.

What about us? As believers are we living in motion or harnessed? Are we walking in obedience or have we let our lives grow stagnant with nothing miraculous coming in and nothing beyond the surface going out?

Are we creating quite the display of God’s goodness and glory or are we just kind of sitting there doing our own thing?

Every day we wake up is an opportunity to walk in the fullness of God – a part of the tide that won’t be stopped.

In order to be in the fluid center of God’s will we also need to experience an ebb and flow. Seeking Him above all others, examining ourselves, taking up our cross. We do those things in order that we may be prepared to embrace whatever this day brings.

The power and heart you bring with you defines how determined you have chosen to be to His leading. They reveal to all watching Whose and who you are.

Nobody is going to football camp and pushing through intense heat and extreme pain in order to sit on the bench.

A wave builds to a crescendo and rises up in its fullness in order that it may fall with thunder on the shore – not slip by unnoticed and unheralded.

Life is more than just living…

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are
Romans 8:14 KJV

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