Who Would I Be

You know what I love to hear? Someone in the midst of a storm singing praises anyway – speaking hope and life. Living in light of God’s promises.

You know what I like to see? A heart surrounded by struggles that never stops stepping heavenward. Pressing into God, trusting His hand.

You know who I want to be?

That person.

Whether I am found walking in sunshine or in rain… I pray the God in the midst of me looms over me, bigger than me or my problems.

I pray that as I live out the hand I have been dealt, the known AND unknown would make me better and not bitter.

I pray that my adversities strengthen the faith rooted in me rather than rob me of joy and diminsh my witness.

But you know what? I have been a believer for 42 years. That’s a middle-aged adult! And sadly I mess up. Get busy. Distracted. I falter. And when what I hear coming from my mouth and what I see in the wake of my actions does not match my heart’s desire I go to talk to my Father. Actually I get still and He talks. smile

God forbid I stop short of experiencing the fullness of Christ in me during my time here on earth. That I leave here less then He has equipped me to be.

Who would I be?

I would be His.

Found in Him.

Complete in Christ.

Jesus, how will I share You with my world?

I will trust You, the God who promised Abraham innumerable descendants and brought it to pass in due season.

How will others see You in me? I will have a heart that seeks Yours and trust that even in my weakness You will perfect that which concerns me just like you did with Your servant David.

Lord, make me wise.

I would be used. I would be Yours… in all I do and say.


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