And he wanted to go to Hollywood…

I was listening to one of my husband’s former messages last month and I came across one where he mentioned the desire to go to Hollywood and witness there. He said he couldn’t think of a place or people that didn’t need Jesus anymore or any less yet so often we spend all of our efforts in third world regions without ever reaching out across the street or to those who we think have it all.

Well he now has opportunity to share because this past weekend I stood as his wife and Christ’s ambassador and had the opportunity to take the first book in our journey: Once and Again to a Book 2 Screen Fest in Beverly Hills and pitch to Hollywood producers.

There were about 10 people there to share the pitch with yet I met a dozen individuals I hope to keep in contact with and have already been praying for.

I have no idea what God might do (won’t know much for a month or years) but I do know He has extended my borders already.

This past year has seen me walk through a lot of changes since Lenny’s death. How I will finish out the ministry is one of those. In a couple hours I will be visiting with Operation Christmas Child about doing some computer work to assist with their work and Samaritan purse as a volunteer from my home in Searcy or what ever temporary place God’s sets my foot.

Our mission fields, yours and mine, are wherever God sets us.

Last week this Arkansas country girl stood on the deck of the hotel where they hold the Golden Globes Award swept away by how big our world is, how vast the differences are, the need is and how great God’s love and hands are as they reach out to gain, help and redeem us all.

Lenny, you didn’t get there but I would have never left those dirt roads and my comfort zone apart from your confidence and God giving me a man who would not stop from living and bringing Life and Light to my world and all whose path God led him to cross.

May we inspire others faith as we have been inspired by those who faithfully embraced their mission.

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