Marriage 101: No Shortcuts to ‘that’ kinda love

If you’re looking for a perfect couple then you need to return to the old Disney Princess movies but please note they always end when they fall in love or when they get married.

The problem with marriage is that it yokes two imperfect people who will slowly… but surely realize that the love of their life has as many flaws (if they’re honest) as they do.

So with a reality check in front of us and unwilling to release our ideals we cast our minds back to grandparents or older people whose love was inspiring or we cast our eyes abroad and look at others whose union we admire: older friends, grandparents, parents etc.,

We look for a couple that has in their heart the things we want in our home.

But be advised there are no shortcuts to getting to their happily-ever-after.

Every one of those couples have had struggles they endured (finance issues, health, a change of young dreams that had to flex to meet their reality etc.,) or strongholds they had to overcome (bad attitudes or habits, addictions, adultery… a past etc.,). Constant battles arise when you are having to guard something that so many take for granted.

What you see now is their crown for enduring and not losing sight of the person they fell in love with in the beginning.

That is what you see when you see a healthy marriage of 30, 50, 70 years. And everybody wants that end and everybody can have it. The question becomes what are you willing to sacrifice, walk through and hold on to in order to attain it?

I don’t attend a perfect Church because I know at least one person there that is less than perfect and that would be me.

I don’t know anyone who had a perfect marriage for the same reason. But as many storms as Lenny and I endured together we became who we were I have how we handled the walk over the mountains we conquered.

Every marriage has different mountains but those things which you don’t allow to uproot you and rip you apart actually add a depth and brillant colour to what you had in the beginning and then… then they manifest themselves as the eternal binding of two hearts. That is the journey we took to not being Lenny Brewer and Sherry Brewer… That is where our love forged us into an undivided (though still on imperfect) entity known simply as Lenny and Sherry.

There aren’t any shortcuts to getting there… but I sure hope you get to see the view from our side. You’re going to need a whole lot of Jesus and a pocket full of grace cards AND you’ll also be wise to remember that sometimes you are the brier instead of the rose.

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