Gypsy Wagon Update



Well after 5 months of waiting… I finally have the cabinets and bed I sketched out long ago in my camper!! Thank you to Lee and the boys at Premier Cabinets in Searcy🎉 Johnny-on-the-spot they are some wonderful guys who said they would and got it asap! I dropped it off as I was leaving for LA and they called me the day after I got home and said come and get it. I call that God timing! I’m thankful for their craftsmanship and to have crossed their paths!

AND Sonny from Beebe just finished painting the cabinets!! So tomorrow I pick up my wagon complete with painted cabinets.

My interior stuff? Well it has been waiting since April and stayed long past its welcome in my utility room😱 (sooo messyyy)

Waiting is not one of my strengths. Okay if you read Once and Again you KNOW that when I get something on my heart or in my head I like to move on it like… yesterday. Yuppp, I’ve been like that all my life. Bless my heart!

However that can-do / getter-done attitude is a positive thing at work, in the military and even when I was serving with Lenny in the church. It was my strength and preferred wheelhouse. My calendar was always as full as my head and heart and they all stayed filled up!

But last February the Lord asked me to put away the planning calendar. Literally for a month I couldn’t even use my phone calendar!! It was so difficult. And while I now have the calendar back I understand that at this time in my life I am not supposed to be filling it out with commitments a year in advance.

I will admit for a while I felt like He had asked me to step out of a new white King Ranch Ford truck with a powerhouse setting under the hood and step into my ole comfort dream car a 1983 Grand Wagoneer. Oh it’s nice just different! Dark grey exterior w/ wood paneled sides, leather seats and all the trimmings…EXCEPT speed and fuel efficiency. It says ‘slow your roll and enjoy the ride and let’s see how many people we can fit in this thing’ rather than ‘I’ll be there in a heartbeat! Be ready to hitch whatever you’ve got going on up to me and I’ll lock it in and fly out to my next thing!’

Different mentalities.

Different season.

Creating a different… me.

I am getting more comfortable with the place and the pace God has called me to now. And while I don’t understand it I do trust Him completely.

Actually I have found that the waiting has caused me to truly see and appreciate the people, things or events in my life TODAY rather than being locked in on what is next.

Like my camper…

Like Christmas…

Like family and friends…

Like Heaven…

Having a vision, unrelenting passion, a finite knowledge and trusting the plan – root hope way down deep within a heart.

It reminds us that time only matters if you spend your life watching the clock. But life occurs when you take advantage of the time you’ve been given today to enjoy the season and the people as you trust Him with what will happen today, tomorrow or sometime in the future.

Hebrews 11:13 says that these faithful men and women ‘… all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off were assured of them, embraced them and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims (wanderers without a homeland aka gypsy :0) on the earth.’

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