The Gypsy Wagon is almost done!

We are getting so close to being done! By we I mean you and I… 😊

Although you won’t use my wagon to go camping you have been sharing my journey since I purchased the cargo trailer the beginning of this year.

Currently all I like are a few minor details including my son-in-law putting on my cabinet knobs and door locks and me deciding what to do with that back wall.

The back wall is actually barn style doors that have locks on the exterior of the trailer so that they can be held open. I just can’t make up my mind what to do because they need to be waterproof just in case a quick shower comes up while I’m not there to get them closed quickly.

Do I paint them? I like uniformity so I’m thinking of just getting waterproof paint the same color as the walls. However I do have leftover vinyl wood- looking flooring I could run up the doors. Then again they do make some nice waterproof wallpaper… if you have thoughts on the matter let me know what you think.

I just want to be able to open the doors up and enjoy the sounds of nature and the view when it’s beautiful outside (I purchased a retractable screen so that I could do that without having to worry about bugs👍) .

So welcome to my cozy little nest. Next time you see the gypsy wagon we will be camping and writing!

2 thoughts on “The Gypsy Wagon is almost done!

  1. Very sharp! We love camping in our camper. Not as unique as yours, but we like it. Looks peaceful & a good place to write.


    1. Lenny and I always can’t fun… But his old trucks got some miles on it and I definitely am not getting rid of his truck so my best option was to create something lighter. So here I go… okay well here I go eventually 🙂


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