A snowflake, a single snowflake landed on the windshield of my car this morning. It dropped onto the glass a miniscule, white spot of delight momentarily choosing to interrupt the traffic and view before me.

I leaned in toward it to see if with my eye I could see its uniqueness from the others that had gathered nearby but alas my vision is not that good.

I gently reached up with my left index finger to touch the glass beneath it and see if I could influence it at all but alas my touch doesn’t have that kind of power.

Stopped at the traffic light I leaned back watching it and dreading what must come next. For no one or nothing can stay long on this earth without losing themself.

As I watched I was overcome with wonder as this unique collection of ice crystals transformed into what looked like a multi-faceted clear diamond.

It was amazing!

You know when they finds gems the size, weight and clarity are defined already however in the hands of the master gemcutter the purest beauty and highest value is imposed as he gently labors with what is laid before him.

I was stunned as with these eyes I watched that single snowflake be transformed into something oh so intricate and beautiful and yet with integrity hold its form.

Then I was forced to embrace what came next as the dimensions slowly faded and it turned into a single drop of water on my windshield. Still held in place by the power that had laid it there… until it disappeared evaporating back into the same sky from which it had fallen.

Psalm 139 says that God knew us inside of our mother’s womb… that we were wonderfully created… crafted and just as wonderfully and purposefully delivered.

When we arrived in someone’s life we brought with us a tiny touch of heaven still filled with His purity, innocence and awe.

Yet as time passed the influence of this world came upon us and we all began to transform, conforming as we grew and matured.

And I wonder how many of us hold tight enough – draw close enough – to the work of The Gemcutter that we can be fractured, shaped, cut and turned into a priceless jewel in His hand. Of immeasurable worth. Something, someone so special that we radiate His influence upon our heart eternally.

We know that one day we too will pass and loose and be loosed from this body.

We know that one day we too will rise transformed to the sky.

But I’m wondering today if we realize that those moments in our life where God has had us endure tough cuts and gentle breaks are Him equipping us to stand out in a very busy world and cause a heart to be stopped and held in awe by a very visible, real display of His power, His person… His Son within us.

A simple snowflake… a radiant work of art, divinely and intentionally created just like you… just like me.

Hold fast all that God is doing and has begun within you. Endure. You are more than your human eyes can see or imagine…

God’s got this!

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