Christmas… for two

How do you know it’s Christmas?


The Christmas hymns and carols FILL the air like the emails notifying us of LAST MINUTE DEALS.


Everybody is checking their list for the 3rd and 4th time… feeling wonderful UNLESS somebody tries to cut in line! No cuts without an invitation please.


The recipe books are getting dusted off as everyone looks for that one recipe they do annually.


AND everybody seems to have forgotten what time they meet at Grandma’s so your phone is blowing up and you are desperately fight the desire to start a ‘group text’ in spite of what all the nieces and cousins have said about receiving those cursed things.


The lights twinkling on rooftops have had the timers extended to all night while inside the house the lights linger as well, waiting for little eyes to be fast asleep so Santa’s helpers can make sure everything is in place for Christmas morning.

Yuppp it is here!

But before the holidays slip into a memory let me remind you that most of you will share this flurry of fun activities and reunions with a spouse. And while you are celebrating at church and with co-workers, family, friends and children, you also have ‘the one’ that you run and serve with.


You know who I am talking about. Right???


You share last names. Sleep beside each other. Call each other Babe, Hun etc.,


I am talking about your spouse. God’s answer to your happily-ever-after. (Sham on you, I heard that! Be nice or you will be getting a lump of coal in your stocking!)


Don’t look PASS them as you fly through the fun.


Don’t JUST look FOR them when you are wanting to go or needing help carrying stuff.


Look AT them. Lock in memories of priceless moments spent WITH them.


Laugh with them. Grab a hug. Snatch a kiss!


At the close of the day don’t check social media to share your day or check in on others…  set back on the couch and lean into one another as you share the joy, blessings and exhaustion.


As busy as things can get be sure to wind it back down to the 2 of you this Christmas.


As much as Lenny & I enjoyed all the family gatherings and doings our favorite part was when it got back down to the two of us. (Sorry if that disappoints ya’ll… uhmmm not really I am betting ya’ll can get over it without a ladder :0)


We closed out our day holding hands… and the day got sweeter as it all settled in and within us.


So while tomorrow may not hold another feast for you to enjoy,


whatever it brings you will be blessed if you can share it


with the greatest gift God gave you apart from His Son…


the one who stole your heart.


Merry Christmas!


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