The Little Train that was told, ‘We can.’

I don’t know any better than to do the last thing God told me to do.

BUT when He keeps speaking and sharing more before I’ve accomplished the last thing… it can begin to feel quite daunting.

It doesn’t seem impossible… for Nothing is Impossible with the Lord.

It doesn’t seem like too much to ask… as He has given me everything that pertains to life.

UNTIL, until I start looking at it through the eyes of Sherry Feltrop Brewer.

That girl is a mess!

Look in the mirror, you’re not much better so that makes at least two of us.

And while we may have strengths, we also have weaknesses and frailties.

ANYWAYS, anytime I look at it with me in the midst then what God has said, ‘Is possible.’ starts looking very questionable. From that angle it looks like the best answer would be for me to work on that first thing and ask God to please place all other items into a time-stamped suggestion box for consideration at a later date.

But I won’t. Instead I’ll let the conflicts, struggles and need drive me to my knees. I’ll stay there until everything is released to Him and my heart remembers He hasn’t ever asked me to do anything alone or on my own.

So even in this struggle that lies before me now I will press ahead.

I wouldn’t tell a teacher or my boss or my parents, ‘Excuse me, but you can’t ask that of me.’ So why would I consider suggesting that to a loving, all-powerful, Holy Father?

What I,we, have to remember is that God is not limited by our weaknesses any more than His power is enhanced by our strength.

Any good that exists in us is found in Him and there because of Him.

He is the One who will ensure ‘a’ thing will come to pass and accomplish its desired end. All we have to do is decide if we will be an open vessel He can use.

I question how much I can do well but I have complete confidence that if God calls me to it WE can do it.

As long as our little train is on the track His divine power will accomplish immeasurably more than we could ever think or imagine.

Stay the course…

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