Our Problem

When you woke up this morning what was it that kept you from rising up with confidence and joy in your heart? What has you locked up or numb or frustrated already today? What is it that has you wishing that you could just go back to bed or take off for a very, very long drive?

Maybe your health is bad or one of the kids are sick?

Maybe you’re suffering from opression or depression?

Maybe you had a fight with someone last night or already this morning or someone said something on social media that still has you upset?

Maybe you hate your job or maybe you’re wishing you had somebody else’s life because you don’t like your own?

Maybe death shadows you… the loss of someone you love or the imminent death of someone that is your world?

Maybe there’s ‘A’ face that you can put to your problem and maybe that face is your own?

Been there and done that. I’ve wasted a lot of days where are my body, mind or emotions didn’t show up with their ‘A-game-on’ when my eyes opened and the day began.

Sadly, when we woke up this morning We may have forgot we were in the middle of a war. A battle was taking place that we won’t hear about when we turn on the news. It won’t be in a single newspaper even though it is: claiming lives, reaping destruction and ravaging homes, communities, countries.

It takes place in the heavenlies, but the effects and casualties are most clearly seen for us here.

But we have been warned. In Genesis right after the fall God spoke to Cain and said, “Behold sin lies at the door. Its desire is for you, but you should reign over it.”

That wasn’t a one-time call. That was a very clear warning of danger. A warning that is repeated throughout the scriptures. The reason that we are reminded to choose this day whom you will serve. To daily take up our cross. That we can’t serve two masters. That we need to put on the armor as we rise up each day.

For there are two kingdoms. And there are two masters.

If we would be victorious today we must make a choice. A choice that will not only that affect us individually but also effects the people around us. People that we are meant to witness and be examples in front of.

It is a conscious decision that will reveal whose side we are on. When we wake up and the day hits us and we are thinking of a hundred different things BEFORE we set our course on the One thing… we are left vulnerable.

In the military they call that going AWOL and it is a very strong offense for when you do that you are:

not in place where you’re supposed to be,

prepared for what you’re supposed to do,

and you have left others vulnerable by being out of place.

The war has been raging. The problem is not those things that Satan would use to distract you from your first course of action. The problem is that we woke up this morning without being intentional about suiting up and taking sides.

The fields are white unto harvest…

The night is at hand…

And still there are those who are not saved.

Engage in warfare. Pray. Follow the Spirit’s leading.

Endure… Commit yourself and the day to Him.

Fight the good fight where you are. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting behind a desk or changing diapers or driving a rig… you are His ambassador.

We are at war.

2 thoughts on “Our Problem

  1. Love your messages Sherry. They are always so inspiring, motivating and helpful, timing is amazing. Wish you could come be our Pastor. Miss our Grace the way it was that drew us back in to being active in searching and serving the Lord. Thank you!!

    Liked by 1 person

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