Am I close enough to God?

Sometimes we forget as believers that we are the ones who choose how close to God we will be on any given day.

We wisely choose to go to church on Sunday but may go days before we think to:

be still before Him,

in the Word with Him

or surrendered in rest with our ‘life’ in Him.

That’s not what God wants from us.

When we go on missions, we ask everyone to stay where we can visually connect even if we aren’t close enough to verbally speak.

But that’s not what God wants from us.

When I have my grandkids with me I want them to stay close which means within the sound of my voice and within sight of these eyes.

That’s not what God wants from us.

Soldiers and firefighters and Med teams work side-by-side and that’s pretty close but they are independent together and that’s not what God wants.

When Jesus came He defined what closeness would look like when He said I’m going home but I’m going to leave you a Helper.

We have been invited through the gift of His Holy Spirit to entwine our hearts and our lives with heaven… with God’s.

Entwined. Tethered. That’s the invitation Jesus extends in John 14:20 when He said, “At that day you will know that I am in my Father and you in Me and I in you.”

He is talking about an entwining of all He is with all we are. With all He has always been and will ever be with all we can be in Him.

Entwined: the interlacing of 2 or more.

All I am and hope to be is found when I surrender everything in me and everything I possess to the threefold Trinity that beckons me to come and lose myself that I might gain all He is… all heaven offers while I yet live.

In my life song Phil Wickham sums it up beautifully:
What more could I desire
What greater thing to treasure
I’m convinced there’s nothing better
Than living in Your love
Caught up in the wonder
Of being in Your presence
Of knowing such a friendship
To be with You, my God
Everything I am
God I throw into Your hands
I just want my life to ever be entwined with You
Tethered to Your heart
I just want my soul to ever stand in awe of You Tethered to Your heart.

That’s what God is talking about. That is the closeness He is extending…


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