Never Grow Up

When I was 5 years old we moved to the country. Dad didn’t ask us if we wanted to relocate. One day he just loaded our stuff up and us and off we went. No questions asked.

We did crazy things like that all the time. Like uhmm… we would go to the grocery store and leave with bags of stuff and then turn around and have breakfast every morning and supper every night. But I was never asked to pay a bill or leave a tip.

Weirdest thing, huh?

Daddy took care of us and I was not worried about food or shelter. I trusted everything he said and did and questioned nothing.

And therein lies the beauty of having a child like faith.

Sadly as we grow up and grow older and as we are held accountable for things and become responsible for people, we began to take control over everything. We think our opinions are needed in every situation and our voice should be heard in regards to every move. And that’s when we lose the wonder and the simple joy that is only found when we trust a Father that is bigger than our every need.

Just a reminder (which I recently received from Dad’Helper)….

He held us and had us in the beginning of this journey and still has it all under control and IN FACT He is still working with the Great Plan and with far more knowledge of the situation than we could ever comprehend. So while he will hear our prayers, fears and concerns he will ultimately make the decision with or without our approval.

So if you would, you can go through today in perfect peace IF you’ll just trust Him enough to let it go.

Trust His love, obey and follow. God still doesn’t expect us to carry it all or lead. We have been given permission to continue our adult journey and enjoy the blessings of living in childlike faith.

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