Life and Death

I do not want to live out my best life FOR Christ.

I want Christ to be life lived IN me.

That’s NOT the same thing.

Jesus didn’t Die so that I can remain the same and so my efforts could Define the strength of our relationship.

He Died so that I could be changed. So that I could be an overcomer. So that I could be transformed. So that our relationship could Define my efforts… the labor of this heart and the set of hands.

And that’s NOT the same thing.

It is not time to celebrate Easter.

It’s time to celebrate and consider Calvary and the promises of our Resurrected Savior.

And once again that is not the same thing.

Dear God, I pray that you would help us to remember the cost of Your great love for us, the reasons Your Son came and lived and died.

Help us to remember how to live out this life You given us through Him. Remind us to tell our children that this is not about a wicker basket with the pastel bow but an Old Rugged Cross, a crown of thorns and 3 nails. Remind us that this is not about what we have gained but that it is about the sharing of the gift that we have received.

Help us to remember this is not a one day event but a lifestyle. A commitment. A daily call to rise and follow Christ.

In life, as in death, may we be hidden and find our strength behind the cross. Amen

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